April 4, 1775

1775 April 4 (Tuesday).  Having lately received from Mr. Moore, I wrote to him and Sent it by Breck to Ammadons in Mendon.  Mr. Waters left us.  P.M. was Church-Meeting.  The Weather Cold — and Snowed, so that I was very uncomfortable during all the time of the Meeting, which was protracted to such length that we were glad when it was over.  The principal Things that were done, were voting to admonish and suspend Mr. Fay: and hear two papers which the Brethren had drawn up, of the Nature of Resolves — but which were so crude and unripe — but brokenly writ, and neither signed nor dated — that we did not act any thing upon them.  In this Meeting I read Dr. Samuel Mathers Letter to me.  I was weary of Such Meetings, and there was a motion to dissolve, but the vote to adjourn again, prevailed.  Adjourned to this day 3 Weeks.  Our Troubles Seem to increase, and from no cause that I know of, but deep prejudice, and misunderstanding.  Which unhappily, a great number Seem to be very Strangely under the power of.  May a gracious God pity us, and especially His own dear Cause and Interest among us!  I beg the gracious presence of God with me under so grievous Tryals.  May I be Shewn why I am thus Sorely corrected and chastized.  May I be directed what to do, may I be assisted and supported; may I be in God’s own Time delivered!  But I can’t but be affected to see my dear Brethren of the Church, Such a Number of them, of So contentious a Disposition, with one who would fain be at Peace with them.  Ps. 120.7.  May God grant ‘em to see what they do, and give them a better Mind!  Mr. Thomas Adams of Medfield came, late in the Evening and Snow storm; Cold; brought a Number of Books with him: Lodges here.