April 19, 1775

1775 April 19 (Wednesday).  Mr. Joseph Bond with his Cattle, [illegible] Lamb, with Nathan Maynards, Deacon Woods Oxen with my own, plowed the rest of the Mid field.  I with Mrs. Wood, in her Chair, rode over to Northborough expecting Lecture — but the world was full of Alarms — the Regulars (twas Said) had marched last night, and were gone to Concord — had killed six men at Lexington — posts were flying to rally the Minute Men every where.  Dined at Mr. Whitneys as did Rev. Jacob Rice and his Wife.  There was no Lecture.  I took a Copy of the Express, Signed by Thomas Gardner, and ________ Palmer — Committee, viz. Watertown, Wednesday morn 9 o’Clock.  Was at Mrs. Bass’s — but we hastened home.  Our Minute Men under Capt. Edmund Brigham had marched.  Capt. Seth Morse with his Men marched.  Asa Ware was with them.  May the Lord of Hosts go with them and grant them Salvation!  The Grafton men passed along in the Eve.  Mr. Grosvenor stops and lodges.  A watch of 5 Men through the night at the Meeting House.  We are anxious and distressed for the Events at ConcordIn the [Moment?] (of Trouble) may the Lord be Seen!