September 20, 1766

1766 September 20 (Saturday).  Mr. Pierce and his son William having worked till noon, we reckoned and the Father having worked 4 1/2 Days and his son 3 1/2 at 18/ — They both go to finishing the wall, gratis this afternoon.  A.M. I went to Mr. Beetons for some Beef.  Visit Mr. Nathan Maynards Wife and prayed there.  Went also to Mr. David Maynards to Speak to him about going with me to Mrs. Andrews, if she would accept a proposal which I purposed to make to her.  To which he consented.  And I desired him to go to Mr. Solomon Baker to go also.  And apprize Squire Whipple that I Should be glad to have him near at Hand, if I should have Occasion for him, to be sworn before him, respecting any thing I had writ, or should assert.  Which he said he would.  The Time I proposed to be next Tuesday 2 p.m.  To these he agreed.  When I came home I prepared a line to Mrs. Andrews, and sent John to her, with it.  Then I rode to Hopkinton and Mr. Barrett came here.