September 16, 1766

1766 September 16 (Tuesday).  See Natal: My Wife and Daughter ride together in a Chaise, and John takes up Betty behind him on my Mare; but John is to go no further than Worcester.  The rest aim at Seeing Brookfield to night.  May they have a prosperous Journey by the Will of God!  Have word at Eve by John Belknap that my Son is gone up to Brookfield.  They were well, as far as Leicester about 12 o’Clock.  At Evening came Mr. Tainter and his Wife.  They brought a present of Peaches.  He had appointed to reckon yesterday, but he did not come Seasonably; therefore it was unavoidable to Night (unless I had too much exposed my Self).  He paid me all — and I gave him a Receipt for £166.13.4.  N.B. No Word passed, of any Andrews Matter.