October 1, 1766

1766 October 1 (Wednesday).  I got Mr. Wheelocks Chaise and rode to Hopkinton for my Daughter Sarah.  Mr. Stewart and Mr. Moore go with me.  They dine at Mr. Barretts.  I proceeded to Capt. Clarks and dined there.  Made up Accounts there for Sarahs Board at their House a Month.  Besides Several Presents which we both have made them.  But they have been very civil, obliging and genteel.  Mrs. Cotton and Miss Patty Clark, are so good as to ride with us home in another Chair.  So that with the Gentlemen who are our Company, Sarah is decently escorted home.  They all lodged here.  Joseph Joslyn also, with a young Man, whose name in Adams, a Freshman, came here, but went to Mr. Daniel Warrins, to lodge.  Per Jonas Kenny at Eve a Letter of Sept. 25 from Mrs. P. at Stafford.

October 2, 1766

1766 October 2 (Thursday).  Our Company tarryed and dined.  Here dined with us likewise Mr. Sherman of Bedford.  P.M. They all left us.  N.B. Wrote to Billy and sent it to Cuttings at Waltham for Conveyance.  At Eve Thomas Arnold says he is going to Leominster.  Therefore I write again to Billy; about my preaching there: and concerning my Cattle; and Breck and Samuels Sheep.  When they must be brought home; or what be done with them.  Young Men begin to Meet on Thursday Evenings again.  Very few, only Three, come.

October 3, 1766

1766 October 3 (Friday).  A.M. Sophy carrys her Neece over to her grand father Forbes’.  Mrs. Jones, Wife of Mr. Elisha Jones of Pittsfield, accidentally calls here — and dines with us.  At Eve I was at Capt. Woods and bought a Deer skin for a Pair of Breeches for John.  Get Mrs. Johnson to make them.  When I came home received a Letter signed Eunice Andrews requesting a Church Meeting to see She may have transient Communion with us.

October 5, 1766

1766 October 5 (Sunday).  Read a.m. Isa. 38.  Preached a third time on Isa. 54.13.  Mr. Onthank of Southborough (Mr. Stone being gone to the Cape) and Miss Betty Gott, dined with us.  Read p.m. John 8 to v. 30.  And by reason of the many Engagements and avocations of last week, was obliged to repeat the Expository Exercise on Mat. and 44.  Propounded Francis Whipple junior and Ezekiel Smith and his Wife.  Stopped the Brethren and read the Letter from Mrs. Andrews dated Oct. 2 and appointed a Church Meeting for that and some other Things which may then be mentioned to them to be, God willing, on next Friday come sen’night.

October 7, 1766

1766 October 7 (Tuesday).  A.M. with Lt. Baker — he is anxious about the Event of the Andrews Matter.  I find the uneasiness gains Ground, to my great sorrow.  P.M. Preached at Deacon Tainters on Mat. 25.10, midmost Clause.  Visit and pray with Mrs. Grow.  Deacon Tainter carrys a Letter to Mr. Silas Biglow to preach for me next Lords Day.

October 8, 1766

1766 October 8 (Wednesday).  Undertook a Journey to Brookfield, provided I dont meet with Mrs. P________ on the way, to wait on her home.  Carryed my grand Daughter Mary Forbes with me (in Lt. Bakers Chair).  Break fast at Mr. Sumners.  Dined at Mr. Conklins.  Called at Mr. Eatons.  Arrived at Mr. Forbes’ about sunset.  My Wife was not come from Stafford — but in a little Time she appeared — was brought by Mr. Rob. Watson in Mr. Forbes’s Chaise.  We lodged at Mr. Forbes’s.  Glory to God for His Preserving and restoring Goodness!  Mrs. P. is, in her apprehension, better for going to the famous Spring.  John went ‘o foot to Townshend for my Cattle.

October 9, 1766

1766 October 9 (Thursday).  We dined at my Son Parkman’s.  He is badly affected with pains in his Leggs, by which he is much taken off.  What a Flock of Children surround us: they have Seven.  May the Lord command his Blessing on Every one!  And make them rich Blessings in their Generation!  P.M. Visit Mrs. Gilbert: and proceed to Capt. W[ill?].  We lodge at my Son Baldwins.  He flourishes in earthly Emoluments and his Wife is healthier.  May God bless them and theirs, with highest Spiritual Blessings.

October 13, 1766

1766 October 13 (Monday).  Mr. Biglow left us.  I visit old Mrs. Byles — dined there.  Visit at Neighbour Elijah Rice’s, Twitchells, Elijah Hardys, Ensign Millers — but especially old Mrs. Grow and prayed with her — and Lt. Harrington confined by a bad Fall yesterday and prayed with him.  N.B. Caleb bestirred himself and Neighbours came, cutt up, Carted in and husked out my Indian Corn.  51 Hands at supper.  N.B. when I named and read part of the 4th Psalm to be sung, Neighbour Batherick Struck — but it was a Tune I knew not.  He sung almost wholly alone throughout the whole Singing.  For which I was very sorry.  When he had done, he told me it was Plimouth.  Visit Mrs. Haws — run away with by their wild Mare, Scared, thrown out of the Chair and hurt.  Prayed with her.

October 14, 1766

1766 October 14 (Tuesday).  James Haven from Lt. Baker, helps Caleb in carrying the remainder of the Corn — and getting the Husks into the Barn.  N.B. 134 Baskets of good Corn.  John came from Townshend with the Steers and Heiffers — and Letter.  Capt. Francis Miller of Hopkinton and Capt. Bowen his Friend, on a Journey to Pitts-Field, dined here.  Dr. S. Wigglesworth from Ipswich Hamlet, calls here.  Signs a Testimony concerning Mr. Cleavelands Church.  Mr. Fesssenden here: newly returned from Walpole of New Hampshire.  He also signs a Testimony concerning Mr. Cleaveland and his Church.  Miss Peggy Fessenden and Cousen Betty Gott here.  At Tea, Sup and lodge here.

October 15, 1766

1766 October 15 (Wednesday).  Cousen Betty to Mrs. Johnsons.  Miss Peggy here till Evening when her Brother came for her.  N.B. a Letter from Brother Breck, of his being in a way of Recovery — and that he has heard of his son Daniel.  D.G.  Mr. Hutchinson of Grafton here, and his son, returning from Cambridge.  It is the Vacancy, according to their new Customs at College.

October 16, 1766

1766 October 16 (Thursday).  I Seriously considered our Present state and Circumstances in this place; Considering especially the Troubles by Mrs. Andrews whose Request is to be laid before the Church tomorrow, and the great Duty of Communicating next Lords Day, I endeavoured to Spend this Day in Retirement, as far as my other Dutys would allow.  Nigh sunsetting came Mr. Adams of Roxbury, from Sturbridge and lodged here.

October 17, 1766

1766 October 17 (Friday).  Mr. Adams left us in the forenoon.  Mr. Sumner, his wife, and Miss Bridget came — and dined here.  Mr. Sumner preached my Lecture on Joh. 8.36, “If the son shall make you free etc.”  We had a Church Meeting after Lecture as appointed on the 5th but Mrs. Andrews not being there, on whose Account we met, we adjourned to the first Thursday in November — and Brother Gale was desired to notifie her.  Though we did not proceed to the Business of the Day, I took the Opportunity to Open several Things to the Church, the want of the Knowledge of which, may have made many persons fall into great mistakes about this Controversie.  I took this Opportunity to rebuke all such as listened to a Slanderous Suggestion, that the Reason why the ministers were so much against Mr. Cleaveland was, they could not bear to See that he so much out-shined them, and People esteemed him so much higher than them.  A great deal of Company here after Lecture of different Sorts.  A Number at Tea etc.  Mr. Ezekiel Smith and his wife with their Relations.  Mr. Cushing and Mr. Willard at Tea and tarried to supper.

October 18, 1766

1766 October 18 (Saturday).  Mr. John Wood here.  Says Capt. Brigham had a great deal of Dispute at their House last night upon the Andrews Affair.  Messrs. Smith of Marlborough and Williams of Sandwich Came (unhappily for my studys) to See me to Day, and dined and tarryed till near Night.  After them came Breck and Mr. John Lock from Townshend.  After them came Mr. Robert Blake of Wrentham with a Letter from the agrieved Brethren of the 2d Church, to have me etc. attend a Council there on the 29th — but I was obliged to deny him, having engaged to go to Townshend and to be there about that Time.  I returned him his Letter again.  Caleb nigh Evening goes to Shrewsbury to see his sister.

October 19, 1766

1766 October 19 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 40.  Preached on 2 Cor. 13.5.  Administered the Sacrament — and See other administrations in Church Records.  Mr. Blake, Mr. [Moreton] (of Athol) and his Wife, Mr. Cushing and Miss Mary Steward, dined here.  P.M. Read Joh. 9.  Repeated with Alterations and Additions sermon on Rom. 13, first part of v. 14, it being most Seasonable at this Day.

October 21, 1766

1766 October 21 (Tuesday).  Attended the Association — and as Several Members, Squire Whipple, Mr. Belknap, Mr. D. Maynard, of this Church had manifested their Desire that I would ask the Mind of the Association concerning Mr. Cleaveland and his Church, and I had told the Church at the late meeting, of my thinking to do it, nor did any body Say one word to the Contrary (I might therefore call it a kind of Silential Vote) So I put the Question to them whether we should hold Communion with them or No?  They answer No: and they Signed it.  Lodged at Mr. Stones, with Mr. Barrett.

October 23, 1766

1766 October 23 (Thursday).  Dr. Wigglesworth of Ipswich Hamlet calls.  Calebs Time is out, and having given him two Notes — one of 30£, the other of £7.10, besides what Cash I paid him, he left us, having behaved well, whilst he lived with us.  N.B. I gave Caleb Winch 20£ Old Tenor.  I sat out on my Journey for Townshend.  Called at Mr. Martyns — Mr. Fessenden there.  Dined late at Mr. Harrington’s in Lancaster.  Arrived at Mrs. Stearns’s at Lunenburg where I was kindly received, entertained and lodged.  N.B. a great Entertainment at Dr. Taylors on Occasion of bringing home his Wife — but I was a stranger, and not at it.

October 25, 1766

1766 October 25 (Saturday).  Sat out for Townshend, westwardly part.  Arrived at my Son Williams and dined with my Daughter in Law.  P.M. went to him at his Saw-Mill at Ashbournham.  N.B. Mr. James Colman with a Number of Hands, building a large Bridge over the River (my son tells me it is) Souhegan.  Return back to his House and lodge there.  N.B. I wrote a Letter in the Morning to Rev. Mr. Dix of Townshend to inform him of my purpose to preach, but that I would desist from it, if he prohibited it.  Committed it to the Care of Mr. Stearns, inn-holder to convey it with Speed — immediately.

October 26, 1766

1766 October 26 (Sunday).  An Assembly met at my Sons House.  We began with Singing.  I preached a.m. on Ps. 85.9 and 12.  P.M. began again with Singing.  Preached on Heb. 12.25.  May God grant Success!  I baptized two Children Ezra and Rebecca: presented by their mother Mrs. Agnes Whitney wife of Mr. Ezra Whitney, who are of Fitchbourg.  The man is gone a great Journey, and the Family about to remove far up into the Woods.  The Woman says they have been wont to enjoy this Privilege: that the late Rev. Mr. Trowbridge gave them a Certificat: that there were Witnesses that Rev. Mr. Winchester baptized a Child of theirs at Ashburnham by vertue of it.  Accordingly Messrs. Christian, William Whiteman and Jacob Schoff (Germans) testifyed it before the Assembly.  I made proclamation of it and repeatedly asked whether there was any Objection?  There being none offered, I again asked whether there was any Objection against the Conduct of the woman?  But there was none.  I then Demanded of her, Whether She would promise to bring up the Children in the Way of true Religion etc.?  To which She replyed affirmatively.  After which I proceeded and baptized them.  N.B. Old Mr. Fitch din’d with us at my Son’s.  Mr. Steward preached for me a. and p.m., a.m. [blank].

October 29, 1766

1766 October 29 (Wednesday).  Undertake my Journey back.  Called at Mrs. Whitneys to leave my Charge with her and the Children I had baptized.  Called at Mrs. Stearns and at Rev. Adams’s.  Neither of them at Home.  Proceeded to Mr. Harringtons.  Saw his Daughter Miss Arathusa who has a Child a month old.  Ah!  [ter?] Miserrima!  Mr. Harrington rides with me to Mr. Goss’s.  They both sign the Judgment of the Association concerning Mr. Cleaveland and his people.  I lodge there.  Mr. Harrington returned home.  N.B. Met Mr. Goodrich and Mr. Colman, the former going to preach a Lecture to Day at the House of the Latter.

October 30, 1766

1766 October 30 (Thursday).  Mr. Goss accompanys me part of my Way.  Dine at Mr. Martyns.  Leave him my Watch to have the Regulator put in.  In going home hear that Mr. Cleaveland preached at Mr. Andrews’ Yesterday.  Am desired to go to Mr. John Fesendens sick Child — and therefore turn up there.  Prayed with them.  Called at Capt. Maynards.  Mrs. Maynard so well as to Sit up and Sew.  Hear that Mr. Joseph Thurston of Brookfield’s Wife is dead.  She was Thankfull Woods of Westborough.  Arriv’d before Night.  Found my Family in safety.  D.G.  Mr. Ezekiel Smith has brought me a Barrell of Cyder.  John works at Mr. Nurse’s.

October 31, 1766

1766 October 31 (Friday).  Mrs. Whipple here, and receives a parcel of woollen Yarn which I have brought from Billy to be wove.  Jonas Kenny and John plow the Orchard, and in the Beeton Field.  Mrs. Lydia Brigham (heretofore Lydia Green) here to be examined, but gives me Grief and Trouble, and I hardly obtain of her to come again.  At Eve Mr. Adonijah Rice here to desire my Shop (which was Thomas’s) for him and his Family to live in: but I cannot encourage it.  And yet,