September 12, 1766

1766 September 12 (Friday).  Mr. William Pierce comes to work upon the Wall of the further Field.  Caleb and John help him.  Mr. Francis Hutchinson returning to Grafton, calls and dines here.  Lent him Ayres Arithm. and Sent him to Mrs. Johnson for her Hodder or Cocker.  P.M. I am Sent for hastily to go to Mr. Samuel Thurstons Wife, being in a Dying State.  I found her Departing — yet She seemed to have her senses so far as to consent to prayer.  I prayed — and She soon expired.  At my Return home found here, Mr. Whitman of Hartford and his Wife.  He is riding for his Health.  They were charged to come here by Mrs. Ledger, heretofore Ellery.  They lodge here, as did Mr. Asaph Rice and his Wife.  My Daughter Parkman and her Daughter Betty came; but went to Deacon Bonds, and lodged there.  Blessed be God who has continued my Wife and Me in the Conjugal Relation 29 Years together — which affords us Matter of Joy and Thanks — but Humilliation also for our great Defects.  The Lord pardon us, and grant us His undeserved Favour and most needed Grace still!