September 29, 1760

1760 September 29 (Monday).  I undertook my Journey to Cold Spring — but I was very unfit for it by reason of a great Cold — and My Wife and all my Children were also oppressed with Colds and much indisposed.  I called and took Mr. Edwards Whipple, the Churchs Delegate, along with me.  Called at Mrs. Cushings.  Mr. Whipple and I dined at Capt. Stearns’s (My Dinner was gratis — and I Suppose the Entertainment for my Horse was also — for they were very generous).  We arrived at Mr. Forb.’s in Brookfield in Comfort our selves — but Daughter’s Breast very bad, and little Eli very ill.  Mr. Whipple lodged at Mr. Thomas Hardy’s.  I visited at my son Ebenezers but lodged (and my son Baldwin with me) at Mr. Forbush’s.