September 4, 1760

1760 September 4 (Thursday).  Mr. Sherman rode with me to Mrs. Bows at Bedford; and to Concord; where also came Deacon Wright and Wife.  Coll. Lawrence presented the Deeds to the Court at their Sessions to Day — but it unhappily fell out that the Seal of one of the Deeds was torn off; and therefore it was concluded that two Justices Quorum Unus Should Swear what Evidences appeared, and this Should be in perpetuam re; Memoriam — I was desired to dine with the Court; which I did — as did Mr. Bliss and Mr. Joseph Emmerson of Nissitisset.  After Dinner Mr. Danforth and Coll. Elisha Jones came to Dr. Minots, and there Swore Mrs. Mary Wright who was one of the Witnesses to Jonathan Parks Deed to Benjamin and James Lull of Rights in Townshend.  And Coll. William Lawrence, Major James Prescott, and Capt. Josiah Sartell, were Sworn respecting Isaac Farnsworth Hand Writing, who was one of the Witnesses of Jonathan Parks Deed to Lull of his Half of the Hundred Acres (which were the House Lott in Townshend).  These Gentlemen were so generous as to give me what they had done.  And I payed Deacon Wright 30/ for his Wife’s coming 13 miles on this occasion, and for their Returning home.  N.B. I put up wholly among the Minots.  My Bags etc. at Master Minots, the Mare I rode, at Coll.’s widows; and visit there at Eve.  Supped and lodged at Dr. Minots, with Mr. Martyn.