September 24, 1760

1760 September 24 (Wednesday).  A.M. at Dr. Crosbys Desire I attended his Dressing Mr. Williams Sore Hand: and his Opening another in the Elbow of the Same Limb.  Prayed there — but was very faint in Time of Prayer.  P.M. Church Meeting on Cold Spring Affair — although the Meeting was appointed at this Time partly in Order to have a fuller Meeting than on Lords Day, it being then a rainy Time, yet there were but 16 of us together.  We proceeded, and Voted Compliance.  See Church Records.  I also acquainted the Church that one Reason why I desired ‘em to meet on a week Day was to acquaint them that they must provide for my going as to an Horse to ride on.  This I left them (after the Blessing) to Settle among them Selves.  N.B. Mr. Thomas Twitchell here again in Order to his joining to the Church.