September 5, 1760

1760 September 5 (Friday).  A variety of Consultations about Lulls Deeds.  Young Mr. Foxcroft undertakes to search the Records for Capt. Adams’s Deed to Lull and to Parks.  Mr. Martyn and I call at Mr. Bliss’s — and at Squire Whitings.  I buy and pay for a Book containing the Disputations in former Times in this Country about the Baptizing any other Children than those of Church Members.  In returning home we met Mr. Caleb Sawyer of Leominster and reads a summons to us to appear at the Superior Court at Wor’ster which was to our sorrow.  Stopped a little at Deacon Rice’s; where we were kindly invited to dine, it being noon: but Mr. Martyn was rather inclined to dine at his Brother Witts in Marlborough and would have me go with him.  He had also sent his son Richard before him to give Notice of our Coming.  We therefore rode there.  But Mrs. Witt was from Home; and the wealthy old Gentleman, though he had been at Court for a great many Years, yet had never learnt to invite us to dine with him; nor to ask us whether we had any need of Eating, at that time o’ Day; though he must of necessity know that our ride had been long Since we could have been refreshed: He Seemed to avoid all Such Questions.  Therefore hungry, disappointed and ashamed, we were obliged to remount our Horses, and ride up into Town to Search for Something that might relieve our Appetites.  We stopped at Dr. Dexters, and it So happened that they had not dined; but desired we would accept of a Dinner with them.  We needed no great Courting.  We dined there heartily.  Thence we visited Mr. Smith.  Arrived Safe at Evening.  D.G.