August 1, 1760

1760 August 1 (Friday).  My sons have got through their Hilling.  We have sowed two Bushels of Rye in that Field which we Call the Cook Field.  N.B. Messrs. Kidder and Tainter, from Sutton here and acquaint me how their Affairs go — that Mr. Welman has asked the Church to dismiss him: and that the Church, taking in the 13 who were Delinquents, have voted his Dismission.  And these men inform me that he can preach for me next Sabbath — or when it will best suit me.  I answer that it will be best on the 17th Day of this Month.  Mrs. Maynard and Suse return from Marlborough.

August 3, 1760

1760 August 3 (Sunday).  Read Job 31 and 1 Cor. 14 from v. 21.  Preached a.m. on Mat. 5.14 to page 6, for I Spent my Self in what I prepared on Dan. 5.25 p.m.  Which may God Succeed to me as well as Mine for Christs Sake!  O that when weighed I may not be found Wanting!  Master Bowman dined here.  N.B. Propounded the Desire of Sarah Biglow, wife of Cornelius Biglow junior to join in full Communion.

August 5, 1760

1760 August 5 (Tuesday).  Though it was Showery I walked over to t’other House, to See the Hay Mr. Parker has got in.  He tells me that except a few Cocks lately got in, he finished haying, tomorrow will be a fortnight Since.  P.M. I preached at Squire Bakers, on Heb. 6.7 to page 10.  N.B. my Wife rode with me; and we were agreeably entertained after the Exercise.

August 7, 1760

1760 August 7 (Thursday).  Sorrowfull Tidings wound my Ears, nor less my Heart, that Brother Cushing of Shrewsbury is dead — dy’d suddenly in his Field gathering up Rye.  May God Sanctifie the awful Breach!  O that God would remember his bereaved Handmaid — the Children — but especially the Flock!  Which now it may be feared, will fall into various Divisions.  But may the great Shepherd guide and restrain and provide for them!

August 9, 1760

1760 August 9 (Saturday).  Favored with Mr. A. Nurse’s help in mending my old Chair, and with one of Neighbour Moses Nurse’s Horses my wife and I rode to the Funeral of Mr. Cushing.  We dined there.  I was urged by So many to undertake somewhat by way of Character of him, that I did it, though in a broken manner.  The Corps were carryed into the Meeting House, and Prayer was made by Mr. Loring.  He was the first Pall-bearer.  I walked with him: Mr. Martyn and Mr. Stone next.  Mr. Smith and Mr. Morse the other.  The under-bearers were Serjeant Taylor and Mr. Edward Goddard, and the two Deacons, Miles and Knowlton.  Coll. Ward and two more of the Church, as a Committee waited on the Bearers, to desire us to preach to ‘em in our turns — Mr. Swan being agreed with to supply our Pulpits.  Mr. Loring indeed could not consent for tomorrow, it being their Communion.  I could not because of my intended Journey on Monday Morning.  Mr. Stone offers to stay, and Mr. Swan goes to Southborough.  The Next sabbath is for Mr. Loring and the Next to that for Me.  I took sorrowful Leave.  May God Himself grant Support and Directions as the Day requires!  Called a little at Capt. Allens.  N.B. no less than Ten men and women from Worcester there.

August 10, 1760

1760 August 10 (Sunday).  I could not Change with Mr. Martyn as I depended upon doing, he being pre-engaged to Mr. Smith, who made it too difficult to gratify my Request to come here, he not having his own Horse etc.  I was Sorry for this Disappointment, but was obliged to do as I could not help.  Read Job 32 and 1 Cor. 15 to v. 20.  Preached a.m. on Dan. 5.25.  P.M. repeated with omissions and Alterations the 2 sermons on Rev. 3.2.  O that God would accompany it with divine Power!  Especially into my own Soul!

August 11, 1760

1760 August 11 (Monday).  This Morning, having Mr. Nathaniel Balls mare to draw in my Chair, my wife and I sat out upon our Journey to Rutland and Brookfield.  We broke fast at Capt. Allens — though late — called at Mrs. Cushings and at Capt. Biglows in Holden — dined late at Mr. Davis’s — arrived Safe at my Son Baldwins and found them all well.  D.G.  We also lodged there.

August 12, 1760

1760 August 12 (Tuesday).  A.M. viewed the work at the New Meeting House.  Visited Mr. Buckminster.  Dined at my son Baldwins, having brought Mr. Buckminster and his Wife with us there.  P.M. my son and Daughter in their Chair rode with us through Rutland Woods to Brookfield.  My son Ebenezer and his Family Well; and at Mr. Forb.’s where we lodged.

August 14, 1760

1760 August 14 (Thursday).  Broke Fast at Dr. Gotts.  My Son Ebenezer and I (on an Horse provided me) rode to Ware River Parish.  Dined with Mr. Thayer at his Lodgings there.  Proceeded to Mr. Lulls.  Shewed him the Letters which I received from our Arbitrators on our Townshend Affairs, viz. Lieut. Daniel Taylor of Townshend, and Mr. William Jones of Lunenbourgh.  Mr. Lull not having Money at that time to pay his part of the Charge demanded by them, I took his promissory Note for 70/ old Tenor and told him that I would write a Deed for him of the 35 Acres which though he had given me Deed of as part of Equivalence to me for the Lot I lost, yet the Arbitrators had not Seen meet to grant to me: This Deed I am to keep as Pledge till Lull pays me this promisory Note and the Interest of it.  We changed our Notes of Obligation to stand by the Judgment of the Arbitrators.  I also took two of Mr. Lulls Deeds in Trust to get ‘em acknowledged at Concord Court if either of the Witnesses are living, he promising to bear the Charge I must be at in doing it.  Also he desires me to search in the Registers Office at Cambridge for the Deed given by Capt. Adams of Concord to Mr. Lull, of one half of Coll. Taylors Right in Townshend.  We supped at Mrs. Cutler’s — returned to Mr. Forbush’s in the Dark and Rain, and I lodged there, Mrs. P________ there also.  My Daughter so near her Time as very much to keep her mother there.  N.B. My Baldwins returned to Rutland.

August 15, 1760

1760 August 15 (Friday).  Rain.  Can’t journey home.  It held up p.m.  Mr. Forb. and I rode out to visit the Squires Convers and Ayres — the former not at home.  At Squire Ayres’ Capt. Thomas Gilbert acknowledges the Deed which he had given my Son Ebenezer of Jonathan Gilberts place.  At Night Mr. Forb. in Ebenezer’s behalf acquaints me with his great straits and Difficultys, to my great Grief to hear when I am so little able to do what is necessary for his Relief.

August 18, 1760

1760 August 18 (Monday).  Much against my Daughter Forb.’s Inclination, but much obliged thereto by our unavoidable Calls other where, my wife and I sat out on our Journey home.  Broke fast at Capt. Wolcotts.  Dined at Judge Chandlers.  Drank Tea at Capt. Allens — having called at Mrs. Cushings.  Found our family comfortable.  D.G.  N.B. Mr. Welman preached for me yesterday, on Ps. 2.12 and on 1 Pet. 3.20.

August 19, 1760

1760 August 19 (Tuesday).  Mr. Davis and afterwards Mr. Loring, came from Shrewsbury in their way to Ministers Meeting.  Mr. Loring had preached last Lords Day on the Death of Mr. Cushing: and attended there the Funeral of Mr. Joseph Knowlton, a most excellent man, and pious, experienced Christian.  Mr. Loring had also preached yesterday at Mr. Joseph Miles’s.  We rode to Hopkinton Association.  Mrs. Barrett better.  Mr. Cushings Death much lamented — especially in Mr. Davis’s Answer to his Question: what is the Import of Luk. 12.35.36.

August 20, 1760

1760 August 20 (Wednesday).  I was very feeble, faint and feverish last night — and Slept but little; yet being better this morning, through the divine Goodness I went to Meeting.  Mr. Goss prayed.  I preached on 2 Cor. 4.16.  May God Himself grant an Efficacious Blessing!  But ardently wish especially that I may my self be properly moved!  For how great Reason have I in peculiar manner to Consider my outward Mans Decay, and to be concerned for the renewing of my inward man, Day by Day!  N.B. some special, moving Intercourse with Mr. Loring.  But (may God have the Glory!) this Meeting was in general one of the most profitable Meetings.  Mr. Davis was my Company home but he proceeded on his Journey.  Mrs. Maynard at Tea here.  At Evening Mr. Abijah Gale here — he manifests Dissatisfaction that Mr. Welman preached here — but goes away satisfyed.  I understood by him that some Number besides went to other Meetings — which I am sorry for.

August 23, 1760

1760 August 23 (Saturday).  Mr. Joseph Bruce here and manifests his uneasiness at Mr. Welmans preaching here.  He wants to be Examined in order to his joining with the Church — but I am so engaged in my preparation for the Sabbath that I Can’t attend upon it.  Young Mr. Dorr here.  Dined here.  Wants to know when I will go and preach at Providence Town, where he has the Care of the Pulpit.  But I cannot give any Encouragement about it.  Mr. Fessenden here also.  I rode to Shrewsbury and lodged at Mrs. Cushings.

August 24, 1760

1760 August 24 (Sunday).  I preached on Occasion of the Sudden Death of Rev. Mr. Job Cushing, at Shrewsbury a.m. on Luk. 12.36.37, former parts.  P.M. on Zech. 1.5 and gave some Character of him.  May God be pleased to add his almighty Blessing!  May all of us be thoroughly awakened and quickened that We also may be always ready!  I returned at Eve — found Mr. Swan here.  He had preached for me a.m. on Joh. 3.8 and Ps. 37.37.

August 25, 1760

1760 August 25 (Monday).  I gave Mr. Swan the Compendious History of the Reformation and one of my own (printed) Discourses on Ezek. 22.30 and hereby wholly Satisfyed him on the account of the Eusebius which I bought of his mother in his behalf, Some Years ago at Lancaster.  He left us.  P.M. Capt. Woods Mother and Wife came to See us.  I sat about my Preparations for the Sabbath.

August 26, 1760

1760 August 26 (Tuesday).  I walked to Lt. Forb. and to Capt. Forb.  At noon to Capt. Bakers and Neighbour Zebulun Rice’s.  Read to the latter, Reasons why no one ought to be offended at Mr. Wellmans preaching here.  P.M. Jonathan Grout here with [blank] Harrington of Grafton who borrows my Chair to go to Watertown.  Mr. Joseph Grout here to be Examined.  Deacon Tainter at Eve; and Mr. B. Hill.

August 28, 1760

1760 August 28 (Thursday).  I have heard that Deacon Forb. was under Some Disquietment about Mr. Wellmans preaching here.  I therefore, having Business that way, went to him to talk with him about and shew him the Reasons for my employing him.  N.B. Mr. Abraham Knowlton of Shrewsbury with me.  We ride to Ensign Millers to Speak with Deacon Kimbal.  P.M. Mrs. Maynard rode over, waits on Mrs. Instant and Miss Suse Loe.  At eve Mr. John Fosket junior brings an Order from Mr. William Jones junior of Lunenbourg, which I paid, it being for two Dollars, for his Fathers Service on the Lull Affair.  Nathan Kenny came with a Waggon and carryed over to Capt. Maynards Six Barrells, and brought from Mr. Parker one Barrell of New Cyder: he having made two and somewhat more.

August 29, 1760

1760 August 29 (Friday).  My Wife went over to visit Mrs. Parker and tarryed the Afternoon.  Mrs. Sarah Grout here and was examin’d.  P.M. Mr. Daniel Forbush here to talk with me about Mr. Wellmans preaching here.  I gave him the Reasons: but I told him that I was not aware it would disquiet so many of my people.  If I had, I would not have asked him.  We had no roughness of Temper; and he goes away quiet.  At Night Capt. Fay came; asks me to preach at his House next Tuesday: but I was obliged to deny him, because I purpose to go a journey next week.  He asked me whether it would be agreeable to me that Mr. Hutchinson Should preach there?  I told him Yes; for I should be glad of all means for their Spiritual and Eternal Good.  He left me a present of Cheese and Apples.  But no word about Mr. Wellman, though he was one that went somewhere else to Meeting that Day he preached here.  [Marginal notation: My Daughter Forb. was delivered of a son, which afterwards was called Eli.]