October 1, 1760

1760 October 1 (Wednesday).  The Council repairs to the Meeting House.  Mr. Stone prays.  [Marginal notation: Capt. Fuller, Lt. Fuller and Mr. Wilkins Sworn by Col. Timothy Dwight.]  We hear and Examine Capt. Dwights Evidences — and Mr. Forwards Defence and Remarks thereon.  I lodged as before.  N.B. The Council was in a great Deal of deep Concern by Reason of 1.) Capt. Dwight and his Party not so joining with the Church in Calling the Council, as we had been informed.  2) The punctuallness of the Evidence against Mr. F.  But Mr. F. has prepared a great Number of Affidavits from many of the Company who were under Capt. Fuller to the Contr.  Adjourned to Mr. Forwards; where the Council sat at Evening.

October 2, 1760

1760 October 2 (Thursday).  The Council sat again at the Meeting House.  Mr. Forward, who was in his Vindication and Defence last Evening goes on with the Same to Day.  N.B. as Mr. Wilkins’s Affidavit was rejected yesterday, because drawn up by Capt. Dwight, so [many?] brought by Mr. Forward to Day, were, on the same Account.  All is Dark and distressing.  We move to both Partys to agree.  We adjourn to promote it.  Capt. Dwight etc. make proposals which are ripened by Degrees — N.B. Sat at Eve at Capt. Dwights — and before we go to bed, though it was past Midnight, finished and Signed by each Party so that we Sung Praise to God (Dr. Watts’s Version of 133 Ps.).  Prayed and adjourned to Mr. Forwards tomorrow morning 8 o’Clock.

October 3, 1760

1760 October 3 (Friday).  We Copyed the Agreement — left an Extract from our Minutes concerning Mr. Forwards Character — and adjourned the Council without any particular Day: as in the agreement is requested.  N.B. Two of Mr. Forwards Witnesses who had Sent their Affidavits Sworn before justice Epes arrived from Middletown or Danvers, last night, but too late for us to improve because of the Agreement.  But this Morning they discover so much to one and another though they were not formally examined, as makes the generality Conclude that Capt. Fullers Evidence and those who were with him against Mr. Forward, were of little worth.  So that Mr. Forwards Character is relieved very much and I hope will be wholly recovered.  N.B. Had a Letter from Mr. Forbush yesterday, that his little son dyed the Day before:  And his Wife’s Breast has been lanced by himself.  To day he came up to Cold Spring; but we were come from Mr. Forwards — waited for him at Deacon Lymans.  I Stopped at Mr. Lulls at Ware River — and in presence of Mr. Forbush he promises to pay me what I have Expended about his Deeds — and what it shall Cost to have them recorded: and for security to me, he declares he shall not expect nor desire that I Should give him a Deed of the 35 (or 37) Acre lot, till he pays me his Note of Hand, and these re-embursements.  Mr. Whipple and I lodge at my son Forbush’s.  Visited my Daughter in Law in Brookfield — who is near her Time.  N.B. Laid out for Ebenezer 40/ for sundrys at Mr. Benjamin Hills, which I carryed up with me, and delivered to my son: and this Eve delivered him nigh 80/ in all this Journey 6£ old Tenor.

October 4, 1760

1760 October 4 (Saturday).  Took leave of my daughter Forb. (who is more Comfortable) and of all of them early this morning.  Mr. Whipple and I Sat out Some time before sun rise.  Got to Mr. Eatons to Breakfast.  Mr. Stone and Coll. Brigham lodged there, and had not broke fast.  Called at Mr. Maccartys.  We all (four of us, who were of the Council) dined at Capt. Curtis’s — where were old Madam Prentice, Mr. Jabez Richardson — and one Mr. Dana of Ashford.  This last travelled a good way with us.  N.B. Heard that Mr. James Maynard was badly wounded by a Bull’s hooking and tossing him.  We therefore went that way to see him.  A great Mercy of God that he was preserved from Death.  When I came home found my Wife ill, confined, and Dr. Willson with her.  She had a great Cold, Cough and faintness.  The Doctor took a Pint of Blood from her.  N.B. hear that Mr. Fessenden is to preach at Shrewsbury tomorrow.

October 5, 1760

1760 October 5 (Sunday).  I read Job 37 and 2 Cor. 1.  Preached a.m. on Rev. 1.8.  P.M. on Isa. 45.22 to p. 11.  Then recapitulated to p. 17, and from thence used the most of the uses to the End.  N.B. Mr. Martyn and his Wife are gone to Cambridge to see Mrs. Monis, who is sick.  Divers North End People at Meeting here.  Master Richard Martyn dined with us.  Read the Proclamation for Thanksgiving.  Was so full of fear least I should forget That, that I forgot to acquaint the Church of our success at Cold-Spring: and made no Mention of the Death of my Grandson, Eli Forbush junior.  My wife seems Somewhat better.

October 7, 1760

1760 October 7 (Tuesday).  Training appointed for all Day but the Captain was so ill he held only the forenoon Exercise.  I prayed with them and dined at Capt. Woods with them.  N.B. Capt. Taplin among us — he being come from, and belongs to Fort Cumberland.  My Sons, Some of them hurt by an Horse’s running loose with my Chair.  Breck chiefly hurt; he and Samme Being thrown out of the Chair, when the Horse broke the Tackling, and broke loose from Chair and all, and run off, home: It being Mr. Beetons.  But it was wonderfull the Boys were not destroyed.  D.G.

October 8, 1760

1760 October 8 (Wednesday).  Alex. brought from Mr. Parker Seven Barrells of Cyder, made at Capt. Maynards Mill.  He had Mr. Nurse’s Waggon to bring it in.  At Eve Ensign Asa Brigham came from Boston, but full of Grief, as he had undertaken to bring me up a Large Looking Glass from my Brother William but nothing besides the Frame and the Case it was put into, remained whole.  The Glass was dashed into numberless Pieces.

October 11, 1760

1760 October 11 (Saturday).  Visited Mr. Williams.  [P.M.?] Rebecca Hardy Examined.  [Marginal notation: On the 11th Lett the Shop to Moses Wheelock of Wrentham, for 6 months (his Brother Culluck chiefly transacting), for 4£ Old Tenor.]  Alex — having thrashed out our Oats — winnows up about 16 B.  P.M. He cutts up and gathers in the Corn in the Orchard.  Nathan Kenny helps him with their Waggon, and I have one of Mr. Nurse’s Horse’s [sic] to go to Southborough, Mr. Stone being come here.

October 13, 1760

1760 October 13 (Monday).  Visited Abner Warren.  Mr. Fessenden dines with us: he is returning over to this Part of the Town to keep school.  Deacon Knowlton comes to desire me to assist in a Fast to be kept at Shrewsbury on the 29th Current.  N.B. The Precinct Met to See whether they would make some Addition to my Sallery for this Year.  And whether they would come into some way to get my wood this year.  As they Sat up the Notification without me, So they wholly transacted with out me; nor sent me any message at Night of what they have done.  But I would humbly beg Grace from God to Prepare me for His holy and sovereign Will!  N.B. Mr. Artimas Bruce came for my wife and carryed her to Mrs. Tainters Groaning.  Capt. Fay, Capt. Wood, Deacon Tainter, Lieutenant Bruce, Francis Whipple, Phinehas Hardy, David Maynard, Edwards Whipple, Ebenezer Maynard, Hezekiah Pratt, James Miller junior, David Batherick, were all that came to the Meeting.

October 14, 1760

1760 October 14 (Tuesday).  My wife not returned.  I rode to the South East Corner of the Town.  Visited all the Families there.  Dined at Mr. Chamberlins.  Catechized at Mr. Joslins; but by reason of the Rain had but few to attend.  By Desire Sung after Catechizing; but almost alone.  At good old Mr. Bradish’s, and at Jonas’s.  There were his Father and Mother in Law, Morton from Poquaog.  When I got home my wife was here Mrs. Tainter being well o’bed: Neither did Mrs. P________ find any great Inconvenience by her going.

October 17, 1760

1760 October 17 (Friday).  P.M. Mrs. Maynard and her sister Witt of Narraganset No. 6, made us a Visit.  N.B. an ugly drunken, Swearing, raging Pedler here.  At Eve Mrs. Walker of Houssatonock No. 4 here and Supped, but did not lodge at our House.  Mr. Joseph Grout and his Wife bring their Relations.  N.B. Heard to Day that my Daughter in Law is brought to Bed; that She has a Son; and that they call his Name Thomas.  Blessed be God for His Great Mercy and Goodness!

October 18, 1760

1760 October 18 (Saturday).  Mr. Ebenezer Maynard here and pays me in Cash 22£ old Tenor — This including what he had paid me and laid out for me, and a Number of Notes, amounted to £ old Tenor.  Alexander gets Mr. Rice’s Team which Mr. Maynard putts to rights, and he and Breck go to getting in Stalks, Beans etc.  Received a Letter from Bowman at College inclosing Capt. Daniel Adams’s Deed to Mr. Lull.

October 20, 1760

1760 October 20 (Monday).  It was my Design to have got in my Corn last Thursday, but Deacon Tainter and Capt. Wood advised to let it alone till this Day; I therefore did so.  To Day Mr. Tainter brought a Load of Wood and brought in the Corn from the Island, being 4 Load.  Capt. Wood and Mr. Zebulun Rice came in the afternoon and help’d in Cutting it up etc.  At Eve came Mr. Grout with his young Horse for me to ride to Ministers Meeting.

October 21, 1760

1760 October 21 (Tuesday).  I rode to Stow, to Ministers Meeting.  I Stopped at Mr. Smiths, who is not well enough to go.  Master Fessenden came there, to me, and was my Company from Marlborough.  I Supposed he was going with Design to be examined — but I said nothing to him about it to Day.  There were but few at Mr. Gardners.  Mr. Loring (who went home at Eve), Mr. Davis and Mr. Mellen.  I prayed before the Concio; which was by Mr. Gardner on 2 Kings 13.20.

October 22, 1760

1760 October 22 (Wednesday).  Mr. Loring returned to the Association and Mr. Smith came.  Mr. Fessenden was backward about Examination, but at length asked to be.  He was [also?] interrogated concerning his Joining with the Church — he said he had with Mr. Martyns.  (It was last Lords Day.)  He (at Mr. Mellens motion) construed some Verses in the Greek Testament.  Mr. Gardner enquired what Books he had read, in Divinity.  He answered Willards Body, part of Charnock’s works — etc. etc.  He delivered a large Confession of his Faith.  Mr. Loring asked him whether he did really and uprightly believe thus, and whether these Should be the Subjects of his Preaching?  He answered yes, he did design thus.  He also was desired by me to let the Association See something of his Ability in sermonizing and he produced a sermon on [blank] and read the principal Heads of it.  Upon these Examinations he was approbated.  The public Lecture was by Mr. Davis on Prov. 4.23.  P.M. I rode to Concord.  Visited Mrs. Bliss — her Husband was gone to Boston.  She herself had been sick.  My Business being chiefly with Master Minot and therefore I put up there.  Supped at the Doctors.  N.B. They have News that Mrs. Monis dyed last night.  I was requested to abbreviate an Inscription for the Grave-stone of the late excellent Mrs. Minot.

October 23, 1760

1760 October 23 (Thursday).  Mr. Minot prepares a Quit Claim for Capt. Adams to sign of his Right to what he sold to Mr. Jon Parks late of Pomfret.  I also left with him 50/ old Tenor for Capt. Daniel Taylor of Townshend, with a Letter to him.  I then hastened to Marlborough.  Dined at Mr. Smiths, and preached his Lecture (as he had requested yesterday).  My Text was 2 Cor. 10.4.  Arrived safely at Home in the Evening.  To God be Glory!  Mr. Fessenden here.  N.B. I received yesterday his Promise to preach for me next Lords Day; but he told me a Man had been with him to desire him to preach at the North End because Mr. Martyn was gone to Cambridge to the Funeral of Mrs. Monis, and would not return to preach himself but the people would be without, if Mr. Fessenden should not go.  I therefore consented to his going there; and engaged him to preach for me the Lords Day following.

October 24, 1760

1760 October 24 (Friday).  Was at Squire Bakers.  N.B. his son had swapped away the Mare he had of me, but the Squire represented the Affair of my Trading with his son as if I had sold her to his Son as a good Saddle Horse, whereas they found her to be fit for no mans Use: And that many Neighbours had known that She was used to bad Tricks.  But I answered that his son had been made acquainted with what she was; and that I was not to blame in it; that I wished also that his son had not done any thing about her.  For She had for Some Time done very well with us as to the Saddle — My wife, Daughters and little Boys being well able to manage her with out Trouble or Difficulty.  Bought and Paid for a stuff Gown of Mr. Hill, 7 yards at 14/ old Tenor per yard.  P.M. Mrs. Hill to visit my wife.  Evening Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlin.  Alexander and Breck go to Deacon Bonds to Husking.

October 25, 1760

1760 October 25 (Saturday).  Mr. Daniel Forb. dines here.  N.B. He brings a News Paper in which is advertized a blue Great Coat with Velvet Cape, lent about last Election time and Supposed to be left at some Friends House; which it is desired may be returned to the owner.  This I suppose is Mr. Eliots and which he supposed he had lent to me — the Evening after I had preached for him — but I know nothing in the World of it.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden here going over to the North End to preach there tomorrow.  N.B. In private Conversation (Since in his late Examination the Ministers omitted it) I asked him whether he could uprightly and sincerely Declare that as far as he knew himself he had reason to hope his End and Aim in undertaking to preach was not Carnal, but the Glory of God and to promote the Salvation of Men.  He answered affirmatively.

October 26, 1760

1760 October 26 (Sunday).  Dr. Ball, late in the morning, called at the Door, to desire me to visit Neighbour Seth Morse’s Child, which he thought would dye before Noon or to come when meeting was over.  I had no Horse; and it was too late; I went not.  Read Job 38 from v. 22 and 2 Cor. 3.  Preached a.m. on Ps. 1.2, latter part.  P.M. repeated parts of Several Sermons on the Humiliation and Exaltation of Christ from Rev. 1.18 from page 139 to 152 omitting pages 141, 2, 3, 4, and then from page 153 to page 159, omitting what is inserted in the Bottoms of pages 154, 5, 6, 7.  N.B. One Mr. Everton of Douglass, dined here: as did Mrs. Eunice Cook (Wife of Mr. Cornelius Cook) of Wrentham; who desires She may be dismissed to the Church where She lives; which was done this afternoon.  N.B. Mr. Thomas Twitchell had neglected to come to me, either last Week or the Week before with his Relation; and had omitted it to Day.  And his Admission had been deferred one Sabbath already; neither could it be put off without great Inconvenience any longer; Therefore at noon I Sent for him — he came — I was obliged to take from his Mouth a few principal Things, and recollecting as well as I could what had passed in the Several Times of his Examination, I wrote something for him, which was his Relation to the Church.  He and Joseph Grout, Mrs. Sarah Grout and Miss Rebecca Hardy were admitted into the Church.  I also baptized a Child of Mr. Elijah Rice’s.  Appointed the Communion and preparatory Lecture.  After all these Services walked on foot to Mr. Morse’s to See their Child, which I prayed with — and then rode home to my Family Exercises.  May God pardon my Defects, accept of my Endeavors, and add His Blessing to the Means of Grace for Jesus Sake!

October 29, 1760

1760 October 29 (Wednesday).  Fast at Shrewsbury.  I rode up on Mr. Pratts Mare and which got away from me at Eve — So that I was obliged to ride down a Creature of Mrs. Cushings — and Samuel Willard (Son of Mr. Daniel Willard) rode with me home, to carry back the Horse I rode upon, and he lodged here.  Mr. Morse Somewhat unexpectedly came to Mrs. Cushings, and he preached in the Forenoon and prayed in the Afternoon.  His Text was 1 Cor. 12 ult.  Mr. Stone prayed before his sermon.  P.M. I preached on Mat. 14.12.  N.B. as I went I was very much Surprized and troubled to See people at Work on Such a Day as this.  Particularly at the Blacksmiths — and Others in Other Business.  These Indecencies I could not but, with some Severe Resentment reprove.  After the Exercises the two Deacons and Mr. Ebenezer Keyes came to us at Mrs. Cushings, thanked us, and requested Directions, if we had any particular to give them other than had been given, in their present Circumstances.  N.B. Mr. Maccarty and his Wife rode by us as we went to Meeting p.m.  And they returned upwards again at Evening without Coming to Meeting.  Besides that they also hindered Mrs. Allen (as I Suppose) from Coming.  For there, I conclude, they went; and Mrs. Allen was absent.  I think it a great Impropriety that people professing Religion, but especially Ministers, Should act in this Manner — So much out of Character; upon Such Occasions as these.

October 30, 1760

1760 October 30 (Thursday).  Mr. Fessenden was to preach my Lecture if I could get no Body else.  I could get no Body else; but neither could I have any Help from him: for though I wrote to him my Dependence, he made Return that he was not well and had taken physick.  A.M. Went to Neighbour Morse’s, whose Child is dead.  Visited Mr. Elijah Rice’s Wife; who has been delivered and yet lives, and has some liveliness.  I preached on Ps. 119.77, using Sermon on Prov. 3.17 from p. 13 to 21.  The more, probably, at Meeting, from Expectation of Mr. Fessenden.  N.B. Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlin brought me a Barrell and half of Cyder and a Bushel Bagg of Apples.  Also a Bag from Mr. Belknap.

October 31, 1760

1760 October 31 (Friday).  Attended upon the Burying of Neighbour Seth Morse’s Child.  While I was gone, Coll. Buckminster and his Wife here from Brookfield.  N.B. Mr. Fessenden here and tarrys to Night.  N.B. My wife made me a gown of Plad and striped Stuff — 7 yards of Each.  The plad from Boston, 22/6 per yard — the Stuff from Mr. Hills, 14/ per yard.  The whole, £12.15.8 Old Tenor.  N.B. A Quarter of Beef from Seth Miller, @ 1/6 per pound.  Weighed 117 Pound.