September 22, 1760

1760 September 22 (Monday).  Rode to Southborough to talk with Mr. Stone about Cold Spring.  He had read his Letter to the Church, and they had refused — but when I told him the Urgency of the Case; and especially Coll. Lincoln (who happened to come very Seasonably) Setting in with me; for he had come lately through Cold Spring, and Saw somewhat of their Necessity; he was gained over to resolve to lay it before his Church again, and to go if the Church Should consent.  He also called at Coll. Brighams to warn him to get ready for the Journey.  N.B. Coll. Lincoln and I dined at Mr. Stones.  P.M. I rode to Marlborough to Mr. Hezekiah Maynards and to Lt. Brighams in quest of an Horse.  Returning home, visited at Mr. Edmund Brighams.