September 16, 1760

1760 September 16 (Tuesday).  Vid. Natalitia.  Mrs. Martyn made us a Visit and dined here.  P.M. Young Mr. Barrett and his Wife, Mrs. Crosmans Son and Daughter, together with two Ladys of Mr. Barretts Relations, made us a visit — but I could not wait upon any of these as at other Times.  It was a great Trouble to me.  As was, besides, my being Summoned to the Superior Court at Worcester.  I rode to Mr. Williams to See him under his Lameness before I went out of Town.  N.B. I dealt with him in Some plainness about his vices — prayed with him and parted with him as fearing we Should never See one another in this world again.  Rode to Shrewsbury nigh Evening.  At Mrs. Cushings were old Madam Prentice, Mr. Martyn and Mr. Stone.  Were there also Mr. Badger and his Wife — So that I returned to lodge at Capt. Allens.  There I found Mr. Pemberton and Elder Halsey, and therefore could not lodge there — yet Supped with them and went to the Tavern (Mr. Hen. Baldwins) — where I was kindly entertained.