October 26, 1759

1759 October 26 (Friday).  I have had a better Night of Sleep — and yet have so sweated etc. that I rise this Morning both fe[e]ble and trembling.  Mr. Batheric and his son here to cut up the rest of my Indian Corn, behind the Meeting House.  Mr. Smith came to see me, dined here — prayed with us.  Dr. Wilson to see me.  From what I feel to Day, I am more in fear of a relaxtion and that it may not soon go off.  At Evening was a Strange Sight.  Esq. Baker came to see me, with Mr. Nathaniel Whitney.  The Squires coming is the more observable because he has not made me any Thing of a Visit, these several Years.  Mr. Phinehas Hardy here in order to his going to Mendon for Mr. Dorr to preach next sabbath.