October 15, 1759

1759 October 15 (Monday).  Though it was a stormy and Wet Day, Yet Venerable Loring and Brother Stone made me a kind Visit in my Confinement.  They Changed yesterday, and by those Means were together.  Mr. Loring Speaks as he apprehended his Death was near — and therefore told me he was come to desire me, together with Brother Stone, that if he left behind him any Special Papers, we would be so friendly as to take Care of them.  After my grateful Return to him for this peculiar Token of his undeserved Esteem, and humble Engagement as God Should enable, to comply with his Request, if the Sovereign of our Life Should so order it that I Should out-live him, Brother Stone asked him whether it would not be best for him to leave some Writing, whereby it might be known, that he had desired this of us?  And so that We might be able to receive ‘em?  He replyed, be Sure — he Should take Care to do that.  Mr. Stone went home at Eve.  Mr. L________ tarried and lodged.  I was worse to Day than Yesterday.