October 24, 1759

1759 October 24 (Wednesday).  Another feverish, disquieted Night.  Mr. David Witt of Brookfield here and informs that Last Saturday Night Mr. Forb. returned home.  Mr. Samuel Williams made me a visit p.m.  He seems concerned about his soul.  At night came my Kinswoman Mrs. Wilkins of Sonhegan and two of her sons: John and Daniel.  We were so ill and so full we could not without Difficulty lodge them.  Mrs. Wilkins lodged here but I sent her sons to Capt. Woods.  My Kinswomans Company, though Joyfull to me, proved too much for me.  I had a very feverish and uncomfortable night.  Both the Young Children were ill and troublesome in the Night — I mean Hannah and Jeduthun.