October 14, 1759

1759 October 14 (Sunday).  I felt but poorly but I forced the best Leg foremost and went to the House of the Lord that we might praise Him for His wonderful Works which He has wrought for His people.  Did not read a.m. because it had been read already and I was still making observations upon it, viz. Job 1.  P.M. though I had partly prepared on another subject (the Loss of the Image of God) yet I threw it aside to deliver something upon the Great and Joyful Occasion of taking Quebeck.  What I delivered was on 1 Chron.  Indeed with New Introduction and frequent Alterations.  By Reason of my Illness I omitted reading publickly p.m.  I don’t know but twas too hard for me.  At night by [sic] right Arm below my elbow was Rheumatic.  I put on another Blister.  May God be gracious and merciful to me!