September 2, 1759

1759 September 2 (Sunday).  Read, and gave somewhat large Exposition of Esther 6.  Repeated Sermon on Tit. 3.2 from p. 73 to the End.  P.M. read Rom. 1 and repeated Sermon on Ps. 12.2.  Mr. Fessenden not at meeting, being, as I hear, not well.  Miss Betty Johnson with us over the Sabbath.  Mr. Joseph Knowltons Wife Should have been admitted into Communion, but She was not (I Suppose) at Meeting.


N.B. While I was gone upon my late Journey a Letter came from Mr. Winter, with an Account of the Death of his dear Wife (which was on the 17th last) and the hopefull signs of her dying in Christ — but my Letter to her was too late for her, though gratefully received by him.  We put on the Tokens of Mourning and ask public prayers.  May God Sanctifie this Dispensation to us all!  For She has indeed been very worthy, and in her Death there is sore Chastisement and may God be gracious to mournful Mr. Winter and his little son, and reward His servant for the great Love and tender Kindness he has Shewn his Wife at all Times, but especially in her long and expensive sickness!

September 3, 1759

1759 September 3 (Monday).  In the Morning came Ensign Josiah Rice to inform me that his Brother Mr. Rice of Sturbridge, dyed Yesterday Morning, that the Widow Sent me this word, and her desire that if I could, I would be at the Funeral tomorrow.  But I returned Answer that I had appointed the Communion and a Lecture on Wednesday, and therefore though I earnestly desired it, yet now, as Circumstances were, it was impracticable.  Besides, there is a Funeral to be attended here to Day.  I wrote a Letter to her and Sent it to Capt. Eager for Conveyance by one of the Brethren that goes up.  And although I wrote to Mr. Martyn to preach my Lecture, yet it is uncertain whether he can come.  I wrote also a Letter to Mr. Pierpont of N. Haven which I sent up to Mr. Jacob Cushing who is going to their Commencement.  P.M. Cousen Nabby rode with me in the Chair to the burying of an infant Child of Mr. Benjamin Tainter — which was Still-born.

September 4, 1759

1759 September 4 (Tuesday).  We are Surprized with Sad News from the Fleet and Army in Canada River — that many of our People are Slain in their Attempt and that General Wolf has raised the seige, designing to give up for this Year.  At Eve came Mr. Abijah Smith of Leominster and wants Copys of Testimonys — he goes to Capt. Woods to lodge.  Neighbour Zebulun Rice assists me so far as to write part of one that was long.  Mr. Smith aforesaid informs me that Mr. Martyn cannot preach my Lecture because it is his own.

September 5, 1759

1759 September 5 (Wednesday).  Mr. Abijah Smith receives of me Seven Papers being Copys of Testimonys for which he tells me the Town will Satisfie me.  He also informs me that he has left Order with the Town Clerk to summons me to the Superior Court — and leaves a Dollar.  I Send word by him to Mr. Stone of my Lecture to Day and of my Desire that he would preach it — but ‘twas in Vain.  I was obliged my self to preach.  I delivered sermon on Act. 9.6 on the Nature and Necessity of Humiliation but omitted the large Improvement and delivered a brief, fervent one Extempore, there not being Time for any more.  May God be pleased to add His special Blessing through Jesus Christ!  Rev. Hall of Sutton from Boston, here.  Tells me that fresh Advices are come in from Canada River, very diverse from what we lately had, especially that there were not so great Numbers slain nor did the Generall design to raise the Seige; but to Continue his Endeavours against the City till it shall surrender, unless the Season shall forbid: Yet if the Season shall prevent, not to return to England, but renew the Attack again early in the Spring.  N.B. Delivered to Mr. Hall, Mr. Webb of Uxbridge’s Letter to the first Church in Sutton.

September 6, 1759

1759 September 6 (Thursday).  Rode as far as Mr. William Pierce’s.  Was at Mr. Biglows with design to talk with her again — but she was not at home, nor her Husband.  Agreed with Mr. Adams for 200 of his Boards.  Visit at Mr. Jonah Warrins.  N.B. Bears are rife.  We Dined upon a very fine Piece brought me last Night by Neighbour Jonathan Grout.  Mr. Abner Tyler of Brookfield here and tells me he understood Mr. Rice of Sturbridge was (according to the appointment) buryed on Tuesday.

September 9, 1759

1759 September 9 (Sunday).  Read Esther 7 and Rom. 2.  Preached a.m. on 1 Cor. 11.23-26.  Admitted Mrs. Knowlton into the Church.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  Dr. Crosby and his wife at the Communion.  The Doctor, Mr. Fessenden, Mrs. Maynard, Miss Betty Johnson, dined here.  P.M. Preached on Phil. 2.1-5.  May God grant His Blessing on the Means of Grace!  And help us to keep our solemn Engagements.  N.B. After the Communion: before the Blessing, gave a brief Exhortation and Charge with respect to two Things, to Walk and Conversation — and our watch over those who walk disorderly and don’t keep Covenant by duely attending upon special Ordinances.

September 13, 1759

1759 September 13 (Thursday).  My Brother Parkman having been to Rutland, returns this way.  He lodged last night at Capt. Allens at Shrewsbury: dines with us to Day, and rides with my Wife (at my request, and I with them) to old Mr. Bradish’s, for it is the Day of my Catechizing in that Corner of the Town.  Mr. Joslins House being unfit, I hold the Exercise at Mr. Chamberlins where I had 29 (of both Sexes, older and Younger) that attended it.  My Wife visits at the Houses beyond, as my Brother was left at Mr. Bradishes, while I am engaged — but we meet, and have an agreeable Entertainment at the House after I had finished, and (at the Desire of the Young people) we had sung.  My Brother lodges here, and I have great pleasure of his Company.

September 19, 1759

1759 September 19 (Wednesday).  I attended the Court in the New Court House.  Dined at Mr. Maccartys — he not returned from New Haven.  At Eve the Town being very full of Company I was very much put to’t for a Lodging.  Returned to Mr. Maccartys — where I lodged with Judge Cushing.  In the Evening Mr. Maccarty came home.  N.B. Our Association which was by appointment to have met at Mr. Maccartys agreed to Meet at Mr. Martyns the 2d Tuesday of October.  Mr. Mellen to preach the Lecture.

September 21, 1759

1759 September 21 (Friday).  At about 9 a.m. on Mr. Rogers’s Case, in which he sues the Town of Leominster for his Sallary ever since his Dismission.  Messrs. Gridley and Thatcher are for the Town — Messrs. Auchmuty and Otis for Mr. Rogers.  At noon I was wholly at a loss for dinner, till some of the Leominster Men invite me to dine at the Tavern at Mr. Luke Brown’s, and there I dined accordingly — in a Manner I could not like.  Attended Court p.m. and till Candle Light — for it was so late before the Judges finished their speeches in giving the Case to the Jury.  No invitation from Mr. Maccarty or any one else of the Gentlemen, either of the Court, or the Town, I got my Horse, and though night rode to Mr. Cushings at Shrewsbury and lodged there.  Mr. Bennett of Leominster paid me two Dollars.

September 22, 1759

1759 September 22 (Saturday).  N.B. paid Mr. Job Cushings wife 10/ old Tenor in part for carrying a Cheese to my son William when at Lake George last Year.  Borrowed of Capt. Allen vol. 3 of Mr. Henry on the Bible (N.B. returned the 2d vol. as I went up to Worcester).  Came home in safety about noon.  N.B. Bowden of Holliston, Letter Carrier, brought a Letter from Mr. Forbush, from Crown Point — another from Billy who is at the Road between Crown Point and Ticonderoga — one also from Capt. Baldwin to his wife.  She returned from Boston p.m. with her son, and my Daughter Sarah with her also.  N.B. Sarah much out of Health.

September 23, 1759

1759 September 23 (Sunday).  Read the 2 last Chapters of Esther, and Rom. 4.  A.M. repeated Sermon on Act. 2.37.  The Application of the Subject.  P.M. on 2 Tim. 4.3, former part.  N.B. Mrs. Maynard, Mrs. Hannah Rugg, Mrs. [blank] and Patty Dunlop dined here.  N.B. Mr. Fessenden went yesterday to keep the School at the North End.  N.B. Shortened the Intermission to an Hour and Half.  Sarah so ill I wrote by Deacon Burnap for Dr. Wilson.

September 24, 1759

1759 September 24 (Monday).  Dr. Wilson came — dined here.  Finds Sarah bordering on Consumption.  He gives her a Vomit which works while he is here.  I bought 400 white pine Boards of Mr. Daniel Adams for 7£ O.T. which he carts here.  N.B. Mr. Daniel Hardy (one of the Jury on the Leominster Case) informs me that the Jury brought in for the Town, but that the Judge broke it up, and hung up the Case till another Year — advising the Partys to a Mutual Council.  I rode to Lt. Forb. for Oxen — to Mr. Gale’s to get him to come and finish my Kitchin.  My wife lodges with Sarah to take Care of her.

September 25, 1759

1759 September 25 (Tuesday).  Mr. Benjamin Tainter with his Fathers Oxen and plough, Mr. Eliezer Williams with his Oxen, Mr. Timothy Warrins son Benjamin with a Yoke of Oxen, and Mr. Forb’s Oxen, Alexander and Samme assisting, the further side of my Cook-Field is ploughed.  A Bear was seen about noon a little below my House at Mr. Samuel Forb’s Field.  Sarah Seems a little better for her Physic yesterday, and had better Sleep last night than some time past.  D.G.  Four Barrells of Cyder (made by Mr. Pratt) brought home at night.  I begin to read Mr. Henry’s 3d vol. of Expositions.  N.B. I return Mr. John Mead his DuPlassie’s Mystery of Iniquitie, or History of Popery.  Mr. Thomas Twitchell here in order to his joining with the Church.  P.M. Sarah is poorly — and we are full of fear.

September 27, 1759

1759 September 27 (Thursday).  Strove very much to prepare on purpose for the Catechetical Exercise to Day (which were in Answer to Questions 10, 11, 12), but the many different Avocations together with the Distresses of the Family were Such that I could not.  I had but Sixteen that attended it, for it had rained before and about noon and it looked like a storm.  I entertained the young Women upon Rom. 11.36, repeating the Sermon I made above 30 Years ago on that Text.  4 Barrells of Cyder — of which we boiled two.  N.B. Mrs. Russell who many years past dwelt at our North End, now at Plainfield, came in to See us.  Sarah somewhat chearfull and lively.  D.G.  After Catechizing to Day I visited old Mr. Fay and his wife and their sons Family.  Saw their son at work at the high way: but as I stayed till Evening there, he was, or might be, come home; but I saw no more of him.

September 28, 1759

1759 September 28 (Friday).  Sarah is worse.  I understand She can not lie on her left side without Pain and Difficulty.  A great Deal of Company — Cousen Maynard here and dined with us.  Dr. Wilson who thinks some of the Symptoms are mitigated — yet we fear She pines more and more.  P.M. sundry women came to see her, viz. Mrs. Mary Bellows, Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Nurse.  And Mrs. Bowker of Symsbury and her two sons.  P.M. also came Cousen Bradford of Boston and my Daughter Suse, to our great Rejoicing.  In the Eve Deacon Tainter.

September 29, 1759

1759 September 29 (Saturday).  We are more and more disheartened about Sarah — yet She her self does not seem to think She is so bad as we fear She is.  Extremely fine forenoon; Mrs. Bradfords Chair being tackled for her and Nabby to go to Shrewsbury We got Sarah into it, and I drove a little way with her, I hope without Hurt.  My eldest Brother (on his Journey to Worcester whither he has been summoned as proprietors Clerk of the District of Spencer) came to us, to keep sabbath here.

September 30, 1759

1759 September 30 (Sunday).  I read publickly the first Chapter of Job, and delivered for the forenoon Exercise a Discourse on Job and on this Book.  We desire the Prayers of the Church and Congregation for Sarah, who is very low, though we hope not worse.  Our Kindred aforesaid, are with us.  P.M. read Rom. 5, preached on Gen. 1.27, and may God Himself be pleased to add His Blessing!  My Heart much moved for my dear Daughter — especially for her Spiritual state and her Eternal Condition.