October 22, 1759

1759 October 22 (Monday).  Mr. Barrett and Dr. Wilson dined here.  Mr. Martyn came p.m.  I felt stronger and livelier to Day.  D.G. Mr. Barrett pray’d with us.  N.B. The Doctor informs that Master Nathaniel [sic] Stone of Southborough is sick.  Sarah is not quite so ill as yesterday.  N.B. our Changes!


The Precinct met upon the Affair of settling my Sallery, or doing as they used to.  I wrote a paper — but was obliged to break it off abruptly.  Sent it by Deacon Bond — told him to let them know if they Should proceed again to Vote against my Request, it would look to me as if they took me at a great Disadvantage, being I was now sick and unable to hold any Contest — had rather in that Case they would adjourn that there might be a more fair Opportunity.  Yet at night came in a Number who told me what they had done, and that it was as last Year, viz. 500£ old Tenor and I take Care of getting my Wood my self.  The men were Messrs. Phinehas Hardy (who was moderator of the Meeting), David Maynard and Brother Ebenezer Maynard, Cornelius Biglow, Richard Barns, and D. Batheric.  Deacon Tainter had striven to get my Corn Field behind the Meeting House together but others would not exert themselves as he — he got one Load to the place for husking — but Rain came upon it in the Night.


Upon the whole, I desire to take a humble Notice of the holy Hand of God upon me and my Circumstances.  Do endeavour to possess my soul in patience, and committ my self to him that judgeth righteously.