November 2, 1759

1759 November 2 (Friday).  Mr. Nathaniel Stone’s Funeral, as I hear.  Alexander goes to Marlborough and returns.  At Eve Mr. Asher Rice was here.  I made Enquiry into his Attendance on divine Ordinances in the Church where he lives — tells me he does not go to the Communion and that 3 of his Children are unbaptized.  But he Strongly asserts his own Innocence, and desires I would write to Rev. Eaton that his Cause may be heard.  Mr. Zebulun Rice and after him Deacon Tainter came here to see whether I thought it probable that I Should preach next sabbath — for otherwise it was proposed to send for young Mr. Dorr again.  My Answer was, I hoped to my self.

November 4, 1759

1759 November 4 (Sunday).  After a great deal of deep Concern (especially considering that I am not quite so well as yesterday), and repeatedly committing the Matter to God, I went out to Meeting.  Fearing there would be but one Exercise I preached a.m. on Eccl. 7.29.  But Venturing in the afternoon I gave that which otherwise would have been the forenoon Exercise, viz. the IId Ch. of Job.  N.B. I read to the Assembly the Resolve of the Honorable his Majesty’s Council, and the Declaration “and Vote of the Convention of Ministers last May respecting the Disorders at Ordinations” which I followed with my own solemn Testimony against said Disorders, and gave Caution and Exhortations.


After Meeting in the Evening and Night had some rheumatic Twinges in my right Hand and several other Joints, but they did not prevail.

November 6, 1759

1759 November 6 (Tuesday).  Capt. Wood, at my Sending for, came here a.m. on various Affairs.  Daniel How brings a Letter from Thomas at Still-Water dated Oct. 12.  And from Billy at Crown Point Oct. 16.  Blessed be God for their Welfare!  May they have Grace to improve it!  Mr. Benjamin Tainter dined here.  P.M. Mr. Mellen and his Wife here going to Hopkinton and to Sherbourn Ordination.  Mr. Asaph Rice, on his Return to Berwick, here.  N.B. Mr. Jonathan Fay makes me unhandsome return of my Urgent Message to him, for money, now almost five Months after the Time is up.  As to me I have but a feverish, uncomfortable Day — yet I can through Gods Goodness attend to considerable of my work.  The Air has been too cool for me to go abroad.  I desire to committ my Self to God.  But how astonishingly Stupid my Vile Heart is!

November 7, 1759

1759 November 7 (Wednesday).  The Boys go to husking to t’other House.  Mr. Locks Ordination at Sherbourn.  May almighty Grace be given him in Christ Jesus.  P.M. Mrs. Maynard comes and takes my wife with her to ride to Mr. Dunlops.  When they were gone came Mrs. Wood, who waits on her Mother Rice, to see us.  At Eve came Mr. Whitney and Mr. Zebulun Rice.  The Bus’ness Seems to be, to perswade me not to think of asking the Precinct to make any Addition to my Support this year, not withstanding that Meat, Grain, Labour etc. are so exceedingly advanced in their price.

November 9, 1759

1759 November 9 (Friday).  My Wife and Suse ride to Marlborough.  They break fast at Mr. Henry Barns’s, where my Wife buys a green Grogram Gown, etc.  My Daughter in Law, accompanyed by Mrs. Newhall of Brookfield, Sets out for Watertown and Boston.  At Night Mr. Jonathan Fay pays me the remainder of his 500£ and I give him Receipt for it.  I am still Weak, feverish and Rheumatic in my Hands, and o’ Nights Especially.  At my Son Alexander’s Earnest Request I consent to their having an husking at t’other House — though my boys have been all of them husking there one Day after another.  N.B. in the afternoon I was much troubled by Piggs in the Garden, and was tempted to expose my self to the endangering my Health to drive them out and watch them, my Daughters that remain at home with me being very infirm.

November 13, 1759

1759 November 13 (Tuesday).  Mr. John Chamberlin from Stockbridge.  P.M. Lucy and Sarah ride to Cousen Maynards.  Mr. Oliver Carter here.  He wants a Copy of Mr. Rogers’s first Epistle, but I have it not.  I give him an Account of what Numbers of the Papers I have lent him and Mr. Abijah Smith, and are in the Case, and are not returned.  Alex with a great deal of pain, gets a Team to bring over one Load of Corn from t’other House.  Capt. Clark, of Rutland, carrying home his New wife (Mr. Bucknam of Medways Daughter)[1] lodges, and a Company with them at Cousen Maynards to Night — who invites her Aunt and I to go there and Sup with them but this Invitation (besides the Impropriety of it) I am not able to accept.

[1]Capt. Edward Clark of Rutland District married Anne Bucknam of Medway, Oct. 25, 1759, in Medway; Rutland VR, 124.

November 14, 1759

1759 November 14 (Wednesday).  I send a Letter to Cousen Coarser on the Death of her only sister, by Mr. Daniel Forbush’s Wife.  Alex spends the Chief of the Day in trying to get a Cart and Oxen to bring over the rest of my Corn from t’other House, but returns disappointed and Grieved.  P.M. Capt. Wood and his Wife came and with them Dr. Wilson and his Wife and young Mr. Barrett and his.  At Eve Mr. Benjamin Tainter and his wife who have come up from Boston where She has been for a while, for her Health.  I am filled with fears of the Rheumatism’s prevailing; for at night I had such Pain in my left Knee as obliged me to limp; nor are my Hands free.

November 16, 1759

1759 November 16 (Friday).  Mr. Biglow undertakes to go up the Road to Crown Point to Meet his sons who he thinks are upon their Return home.  Mr. Mead here and dines with us.  At Eve Capt. Wood here, and I communicate to him my Computations of the worth of my old Place, in order to set a price upon it; and desire him to attend those men who are expected to go to look for it.  He answers that he will do his utmost to serve me.  But I would chiefly and mainly look to God for direction, in every important Affair, and desire to depend intirely upon His Care, who cares for me, when no Care of my own can be of avail.

November 17, 1759

1759 November 17 (Saturday).  Alexander goes to Marlborough to bring up a Green Grogram Gown from Miss Nanny Woods, which She has been making for his Mother.  Mr. Thomas Twitchell brings me my Bible and Psalm Book, which had been Mended by my Brother Parkman and Sent by Young Seaver at Mr. Johonnots on Oct. 23 or 24 per Hand of Some Westborough man (as he supposed) but I could never find out who it was — nor know I where it has been all this Time.  At night came my Daughter in Law, from her Fathers at Watertown, and Mrs. Newhall with her — and lodge with us.  N.B. The Two Deacons a Load of Wood apiece.

November 18, 1759

1759 November 18 (Sunday).  I read Job 3 and for the forenoon Exercise gave some Observations upon it.  P.M. preached on Luk. 2.14.  Omitted Reading.  Acquainted the Congregation with the Desire of Mr. Ebenezer Sadler of Grafton to have a Contribution here for him, he having been burnt out.  Also read the proclamation for the General Thanksgiving.  Mrs. Newhall so ill all Day that She could not go to meeting.  My Daughter went at Eve to her sister Bonds and lodged there.  Mrs. Newhall with us.  May God be graciously pleased to add His Blessing to the Word of His Grace!

November 19, 1759

1759 November 19 (Monday).  Mr. Goddard of Grafton and his Wife came to the Door and informed me there was sorrowful News brought to Grafton by Samuel Wetmore, viz. that Thomas Parkman, my son, was dead.  I Sent a Line to Lieut. Forb. praying him to go and See what the Particulars from Wetmore are.  Who went accordingly.  Mr. Gale came to Work here, to make shelves etc. in the Kitchin, but it was full nine o’Clock when he came.  My Daughter in Law and Mrs. Newhall Set out for Brookfield.  Deacon Tainter an other Load of Wood.  Mr. Gale and he dine here.  N.B. News that Mr. Noah How is dead also.  N.B. I wrote a Letter to Rev. Mr. Eaton of Spencer concerning the Case of Mr. Asher Rice who has removed there, but lives in the Neglect of divine Ordinances So that a Number of his Children are not baptized.

November 20, 1759

1759 November 20 (Tuesday).  Mr. Gale (having lodged here) works here, and Jabez Snow junior (though very late this morning) comes to work with him.  Mr. Abijah Brown comes with Capt. Wood in Order to View my Old Place.  I went over, and Shewed him the House.  When I returned Mr. Davis was here.  We went together to Ministers Meeting at Mr. Stones.  Alexander rode to Marlborough to buy Nails and Brads.  We dined at Mr. Stones.  Mr. Barrett, Mr. Smith, Mr. Maccarty, and Mr. Cushing came towards Eve.  N.B. The Troubles in Southborough unhappily continue.  The Disquieted have lately asked for a Church Meeting.  Mr. Stones Concio on Numb. 27.16.17.  May God set it home upon all our Hearts!  I lodged there.

November 21, 1759

1759 November 21 (Wednesday).  Mr. Davis prayed.  Mr. Maccarty preached a useful good Sermon on Isa. 57.1.2.  May the divine Blessing accompany it to my own Heart!  That I may be of the truely righteous and upright and that I may have the Peace and Happiness of such.  Mr. Gale and Jabez worked to Day — but Jabez went home at Eve.  My [wife] while I am gone sees William Dunlop who is returned home.  He tells her Jonas Child, in a Batteau on Hudsons River, informed him of my son Thomas’s Death, that he had been his Mess Mate, and was with him when he dyed.

November 22, 1759

1759 November 22 (Thursday).  Mr. Gale.  Jabez Snow.  Alexander brought a Letter which came from Jonas Child dated Still-Water Nov. 14, 1759 Superscribed to his Father Mr. Joseph Bruce of this parish in which was this Paragraph following, viz.


1759 November 22 (Thursday).  Mr. Gale.  Jabez Snow.  Alexander brought a Letter which came from Jonas Child dated Still-Water Nov. 14, 1759 Superscribed to his Father Mr. Joseph Bruce of this parish in which was this Paragraph following, viz.

November 23, 1759

1759 November 23 (Friday).  Mr. Gale and Jabez.  My Wife and Lucy to Capt. Allens.  Cousen Maynard here p.m.  Deacon Tainter here at Eve and tells me that he and Mr. Whitney had made a Visit to Mr. Samuel Fay junior who upon their Enquiry into his Neglects of divine Ordinances receive this Answer from him that all lies with me — that is, that though we had made up, yet I had destroyed it all since — that is by my speaking to him at Capt. Woods on the 3d of October last.  I am astonished at his Conduct.

November 30, 1759

1759 November 30 (Friday).  My Wife, Mr. Baldwin and his wife ride over to Mr. Martyn’s.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden and his Brother (of Cambridge) came to see me.  The latter informs that the Church Interest prevails very much in Cambridge and they are determined soon to build.  That Deacon Whittemore having sold a piece of Land to the Gentleman who is to be the Minister, the Cellar for his House is digging.