October 3, 1759

1759 October 3 (Wednesday).  Deacon Tainters sisters, Hastings and Whitney, call here.  Send by the Deacon a Letter to Mr. Draper, Printer, an Account of the Death of Rev. Mr. Rice of Sturbridge.  For tis pity he Should be altogether un-noticed — and yet there is no one of the Gentlemen who were his Bearers that has done any Thing to preserve his Memory or record his Decease.[1]  At Eve I went up on some Business to Capt. Wood’s — Saw there Mr. Samuel Fay junior who tells me his wife is brought to Bed.  I put him in mind of his Duty (to bring his Children to Baptism) and pray him not to delay any longer.  He seems not to like my speaking to him — yet it was chiefly retired — and in soft Terms.

[1]See SHG 8:775 for a reference to Parkman’s notice in the Boston News-Letter, Oct. 11, 1758, in which he described Rice as “a worthy, useful Man.”