August 31, 1757

1757 August 31 (Wednesday).  I Sat out with my Wife to go to Mr. Martyns and thence designing to go with Mr. Martyn to Mr. Morse’s Lecture — but on the way we heard that Mrs. Martyn was not come from Concord yet.  Left my Wife at Mr. Noah Hows (who is lately married) and to visit that Neighbourhood; and I rode over to young Mr. Martyns, who informed me his Father was gone to Concord.  This I wondered at, because Mr. Morse, I supposed had engaged him to preach his Lecture.  I proceeded to Mr. Morse’s: And though Mr. Smith was there, and Mr. Davis, and afterward came Mr. Cushing, yet I was obliged to preach.  It was on Ps. 46.1.10.  N.B. Some persons who have come from the Forts, have the Small Pox: In Shrewsbury one has lately dyed of it, and another is Sick of it.  Mr. William Crawford at Worcester, is Sick of it.  I returned home at Evening.  My son and Daughter Baldwin came and lodged here.  They have been at Boston and kept sabbath there.