August 11, 1757

1757 August 11 (Thursday).  It grow grows very dry — Grass much diminished — a burning Sun and drying Wind — yet Some Sprinkling of Rain.  Boys reaping Oates.  Betty Chamberlin helps my Wife a.m. in Quilting.  I take Notice of her kind Disposition — and Sympathize in the Distresses her nearest Relations must be Supposed to be in at Stockbridge when our Enemys are so numerous, and the People in those exposed places in so imminent Dangers.  May an infinitely Merciful God appear for their Help and Deliverance!  At Eve Mr. Larkin Williams here in his return from Mendon, whither he had been to warn that part of the Regiment (as I suppose this had been) to be ready at a minutes Notice.  My wife blooded by Dr. Chase.