August 1, 1757

1757 August 1 (Monday).  Adam Rice mowed for me in the Ministerial Meadow a.m. only.  Amon Blanc did not work for me but for Mr. Joseph Bruce.  Jonathan Livermore junior a Sophomore, who keeps School at Mr. Whipples, informs me that Mr. Martyn did not appoint any Lecture yesterday; which much Surprized me, and the rather because it was So agreed upon at the Association and the Time and Place were written down; and it was also laid upon Me to preach; which therefore I had expected to do.  Rev. Mr. John Searl dines with us.  N.B. Neighbour Eliezer Williams young Child very bad.  I went in the Eve to See her.  Transcribed and Sent a Result to Deacon Greenough at Boston.