August 10, 1757

1757 August 10 (Wednesday).  My Wife has Number of Young Women to quilt for her a Bed Quilt.  They were, Susan Newton, Elizabeth Chamberlin, Lavinia Baker, Persis Rice, a.m. and p.m.  Mrs. Morse (who was Sarah Warrin) and her sister, p.m.  Amon works for Mr. Moses Twitchell, for his work for me Yesterday.  I rode to Marlborough to the Lecture as agreed upon by the Association at Hopkinton.  Dined at Mr. Smiths.  I prayed the first prayer.  Mr. Loring preached on 1 Thess. 5.[1]7, pray without Ceasing.  Mr. Martyn prayed after Sermon.  He prayed 1/2 an Hour.  Mr. Loring was to have offered a Concluding prayer after his — but he grew tired.  He gave the Blessing.  O that God would pity His people at this remarkable Juncture!  For another Post came down last night who says, that though the Fort was not taken, yet the Enemy were all round about — and that except they have relief speedily they can’t keep it.  I visited our Kinswoman Mrs. Anna Brigham — and paid [Miss?] Nanny Woods (£3.7.6 Old Tenor) in full for making her Stays.  In returning home went to see also Mrs. Grace Barns widow one of my Creditors, whose Patience I am obliged to ask, as my Collector fails in paying me my dues.  My sons Alex. and Breck try to reap my Oates.