August 18, 1757

1757 August 18 (Thursday).  I went to See Old Mr. Maynard who is very low.  Mr. Martyn came to me there, and informed me that his Daughter Minot was delivered of a son.  He also tells me that a post is gone along who informs that Fort Edward is besieged.  May God most Gracious and mercifull appear for our Succour!  May our Refuge be ever more in God!  I walked to Mrs. Rice’s (Eliezers Wife) to talk with her about her Williams going for Thomas and to know whether she did indeed Consent to it, Since he is gone; though I had Charged him not to go without her Allowance.  She was not at home.  Hephzy told me She did not Consent — but She see he would go: and She did not appear displeased with me or my son for if he did not go for Thomas he would for some body else.  I replyed that I was not willing to be the instrument of his Rebellion against his Mother — and therefore bid him be sure, See to this, if he went, that he had his Mothers good will in it.  Hephzy Said her Father (his Guardian) consented to it.