July 1, 1757

1757 July 1 (Friday).  I visited old Mr. Rice, Mr. Joseph Bruce, LeBlanc, Deacon Tainter and Bond, but got home to dine with my wife.  P.M. Nahum Eager comes from Brookfield with Letters — and informs that the Cow which I gave my Daughter Lucy, has been Some time missing, and was in hopes to find her here — but we have Seen nothing of her.  At Eve Neighbour Hammonds Wife came up and called here.  Capt. Fay here and wants the money I lately borrowed of him.

July 2, 1757

1757 July 2 (Saturday).  I rode to Shrewsbury.  Met Mr. Cushing at Mr. Joseph Knowltons, his Son Nathan being Sick.  Called at Mr. Garfields to See him in his low Condition.  I prayed at each of these Houses.  But what peculiarly affected me was what I met with at Mr. Samuel Fays, his Daughter Dilly being with Child — she says by Aaron Garfield.  A most Sorrowful Providence for he has left her, and denys his being the Father of the Child.  I lodged at Mr. Cushings and he here.

July 6, 1757

1757 July 6 (Wednesday).  Amon mows at the Island.  I am taken up in fulfilling my engagement to Capt. Fay of whom I had borrowed Money.  And I provided to pay him.  I borrowed Thirty pound old Tenor of Deacon Bond, and the rest as I Should need it, of Deacon Tainter.  I visited Mr. Solomon Woods young Child at the point of Death.  Visit Ensign Miller.  Called at Mr. Hammonds to See his Wife who is newly come to live here.

July 7, 1757

1757 July 7 (Thursday).  Mr. Ebenezer Rice sent us String Beans, the first we have had.  P.M. My wife and I went to the private Meeting at Capt. Fays.  N.B. Mr. Grows Rebuke to me for my being late.  He said their Time was one o’Clock; whereas I Supposing it was 3 in long Days had told Capt. Fay I should be there then; which he said nothing against: but we agreed to that Hour.  Preached on Job. 15.11.  And O that God would give his Special Blessing!

July 8, 1757

1757 July 8 (Friday).  Dr. Crosby here.  P.M. there was (as I was informed) an Earthquake.  May the Lord of His infinite Goodness and Mercy grant us Grace to improve it!  I suppose the reason why I did not perceive it was, my attention at that juncture to Shutting a Door which was repeatedly thrown to by the Wind.  So that I thought no other than of the Motion by the Door. Mr. Phinehas Gleasons Wife here.  I examined into her Qualifications for special Ordinances though they had both of them owned the Covenant in Framingham.  I was not well satisfyed with their Attainments.

July 11, 1757

1757 July 11 (Monday).  Amon LeBlanc did not come to work.  I walked into my Neighbourhood to look up Money, to borrow, Since the Constable can’t pay me.  Dined at Mr. Moses Brighams where I borrowed 25£ old Tenor.  This I carryed 22£ 10 of, to Deacon Tainter, hereby returning what he kindly lent me last Thursday.  Called at LeBlanc’s and at Mr. Hammonds.  N.B. Silas Biglow, a lame Youth, Son of Mr. Samuel Biglow of Shrewsbury here and lodged with us.

July 12, 1757

1757 July 12 (Tuesday).  Mrs. Biglow, Mother of said Silas, and Mrs. Hardy (wife of Aaron) dined here.  Very rainy p.m.  Amon here and hoed a.m. — not p.m.  My Wife and I, when it held up, rode to Mr. Jonah Warrins Solomnizing the Marriage of Seth Morse to Sarah Warrin.  Mr. Elijah Warrin and his Wife came home with us and lodged here.

July 14, 1757

1757 July 14 (Thursday).  Amon hoed a.m. and mowed at the Island p.m.  Mrs. Gleason here again, and wants to have her Child baptized: but is in Some hurry to get home again because of her Baby, and therefore does not give me much Opportunity to discourse with her; but tis Evident She has not proper Qualifications to wait upon God in a right manner neither do I think her Husband has.  So that though I have Inclination to Serve them wherein I can; yet I cannot in Conscience proceed as yet.

July 15, 1757

1757 July 15 (Friday).  A.M. Amon mowed to make up for the lost time by the Rain on the 12th p.m.  At noon he was not well and went home.  Mr. Forb. of Brookfield came from Cambridge.  He dined here: tells me there is no Commencement this Year but the Degrees are given in private.  He goes to his Fathers and designs to go as far on his Journey tonight as Worcester.  N.B. Mrs. Hammond Visits me; and is so indisposed here that I don’t know what to make of it.  She asks to be allowed to partake at the Lords Table tomorrow — this Surprizes me.  I ask her to wave it for this Time, because She is Such a Stranger to me.  It proves very rainy.  My little matter of Hay is out in the Wet.  4 or 5 Cocks made up.  The rest was mowed this morning.  Mr. Hammond came for his Wife at Eve.

July 16, 1757

1757 July 16 (Saturday).  Mr. Hammond came here about his Wife’s Affair.  She takes it hard that I deny her coming to the Communion.  I am in much Difficulty, not thinking it my Duty to disclose my Suspicions; but a way was brought about in providence which I hope will help me.  It is this, Mr. Hammond is uncertain whether She belongs to Weston Church, or whether She was not dismissed to the Church in Lincoln.  Upon this and her not being Well so that it is uncertain whether she will come to Meeting to morrow, we conclude to wave it for this Time.  It is so showery, nothing can be done about Hay.  Natty Martyn brought a Letter from Leominster.

July 17, 1757

1757 July 17 (Sunday).  Read 2 K. 21.  Preached on 1 Cor. 10.4, last Clause.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  P.M. read Mark 14 to v. 27.  I had exerted my Self in the forenoon So as to deliver all I had prepared (though it was I think somewhat above an Hour).  Therefore I repeated sermon on Isa. 40.8 which I had delivered nigh 20 Years ago — but now with Some Omissions, Additions and Alterations.  N.B. Stopped the Church and read a Letter from aggrieved Brethren of the Church in Leominster, desiring our Assistance in Council on the 26th of this Month.  I left it to the Churchs Consideration.

July 19, 1757

1757 July 19 (Tuesday).  A.M. I went to See Old Mr. Kelly who is dangerously ill.  P.M. to Mr. Martyns to confer with him about the Leominster Affair, there having no man come to me from thence, that I could enquire of.  Found him resolved to go next week to See his Daughter Minot instead of going to Council, She being very near her Time.  I returned at Evening.  Amon and Adam Rice mowed in Newton Meadow — the latter only a.m.  He was So ill he went home. Hear that Nathan Knowlton (about 24 Years) was buryed to Day.

July 20, 1757

1757 July 20 (Wednesday).  I visited Deacon Forbush who is ill.  N.B. A Course of Lectures was this Day begun (according to the Agreement at the last Association) at Shrewsbury and Mr. Barrett preached — but I could not attend.  He came here at Evening and lodged here: he told me his Text at Lecture was Rev. 3.1.  Amon reaps in the Orchard but does not finish it, for I Sent him to the Meadow near night to rake and secure Hay there.

July 21, 1757

1757 July 21 (Thursday).  Mr. Barrett and I walked up to Capt. Woods, where I left him.  Capt. Wood kindly lent me his Team to get in Hay and Rie.  Amon, and Adam Rice worked here.  They got in two Jaggs of Hay – and having finished reaping the Orchard they bound and got that in — nigh 3 shock of it — and they began to reap the field behind the Meeting House.  N.B. received a Letter from Mr. Stone by Coll. Ward — reprehending for not designing to go to Leominster Council, whereas I told Mr. Carter I could not — and therefore they ought not to have sent to us.  Wrote an Answer to it.  Am greatly rejoiced on Account of the divine Favour in bringing the British Fleet safe to Halifax.

July 24, 1757

1757 July 24 (Sunday).  Read and gave expository Remarks on 2 K. 22.  Preached on Ps. 119.126.  P.M. read Mark 14 from v. 27, and on occasion of the Council in the Ensuing week preached on the Divinity of our Lord, repeating with alterations and additions Sermon on Isa. 9.6, those words, The Mighty God.  After Exercise stopped the Church on the Leominster Affair.  See the Church Records.

July 25, 1757

1757 July 25 (Monday).  Amon, and Mr. Moses Twitchel go to mow in the ministerial meadow.  They both lodged here.  Barny Newton gets in part of my Rye in the South West Field.  Deacon Tainter brings me Mr. Martyn Pratts Horse, to ride on to Leominster.  P.M. came Rev. Mr. Bucknam of Medway with his Delegate Mr. Joshua Partridge, on their Journey to Leominster.  I rode with them to Mr. Morse’s and we lodged there.

July 26, 1757

1757 July 26 (Tuesday).  We got to Leominster, to Mr. Oliver Carters, the House appointed for the Entertainment of the Council.  And there met fourteen Churches by their Ministers and Delegates; and of the Church of Groton by their Delegates: in all, 15 Churches.  The Church in the North part of Westborough did not Send at all: for Mr. Martyns going to Concord was a prevention of it.  Before even the Churches proceeded to form into a Council it was Strenuously moved by me, and Some Others that a Message might be Sent to Mr. Rogers to See whether he would join with his Brethren in laying their Difficulty before us: and I apprehend it would have been happy if this had succeeded, or if he had been at this time Sollicited to join in choosing a mutual Council.  But it was more successfully pushed to form.  Accordingly we formed — and then it was again moved to send to Mr. Rogers.  A Committee was appointed and went — but brought back the sorrowful return, of refusal.  I, with 17 more lodged at Mr. Carters.  Amon and Twitchell mowed and raked in the Ministerial Meadow; Alex and Breck also there p.m.

July 27, 1757

1757 July 27 (Wednesday).  Had the publick Hearing.  Rev. Mr. Wigglesworth prayed publickly.  Mr. R’s adhering Brethren came: one Mr. Colbourn principal.  Dr. Peabody, and Mr. Nathaniel Rogers (though members Otherwhere) appeared for him also.  N.B. Their Unhandsome Letter to the Council.  When the Assembly broke up I would have gone to Mr. Rogers’s to see him and his Wife etc. but when I came out into the Evening Air, having no Jacket on, it was too cold for me and I was forced to return to Mr. Carters, where I lodged.  Amon and Mr. Twitchell at the Meadow.  Mr. Zebulon Rice p.m. is here reaping.  Jo-Ben Rice also reaped p.m.

July 28, 1757

1757 July 28 (Thursday).  This Day we Spent in reviewing our Minutes, and reading over Papers, debating and Voting.  The work of writing required my very Close attendance all Day So that it was as much as I could well Stand – but God supported my feeble frame.  Mr. Eliezer Rice carted home 3 Load of Hay and carryed in the remainder of my Rye.  Amon and Twitchell to the Meadow.  My son Thomas worked there most of the Day with them.

July 29, 1757

1757 July 29 (Friday).  Neighbour Hezekiah Pratt brought home a Load of Hay from Ministerial Meadow.  Mr. Twitchell worked for Neighbour Eliezer to pay for his work with his Team Yesterday in Carting home Hay.  Amon did not work but Mr. Twitchell work for me at Neighbour Eliezer Rice’s, in pay for his Carting Hay.  At Leominster the Business was to form and publish the Result of the Council, the principal Difficulty and weight of which work unavoidably lay upon me: but Mr. Wigglesworth wrote the preamble, and the Advice part, Mr. Pemberton the Exhortations.  I was So early and closely applyed to it, Obliged to forego dining with the rest; that I could not well stand it: however there was much pains taken to Support and strengthen me.  It was 3 or 4 o’Clock p.m. before we could go to the Meeting House.  Mr. Marsh of Narragansett No. 2 and Coll. White, as we were riding to it, affirmed they heard no Such Question put to Mr. Rogers last Tuesday, as our committee affirm, respecting his joining in Calling a mutual Council, and yet they were (they said) in the room all the time (said Committee were there; and close by them when they Spake to Mr. R.).  When we came into the Meeting House, there was handed to the Moderator by Mr. Smith of Marlborough a Letter from Mr. Rogers, in which he affirms he heard not the Question put by the Committee whether he would join etc. in calling a mutual Council?  The moderator called upon the Committee to testify; and they did So, in the face of the Assembly.  I also read what they Signed as attesting in our minutes.  In brief, it was conceived that this Letter was come utterly too late, and we could not but look upon it as with an ill design, Seeing that Mr. R. had been, we have reason to think, informed that this was our apprehension, Some time ago; and therefore if he was o’ mind to do any good by Such a Letter to us, he would not have deferred sending it till all our work was done but publishing it.  The Result was therefore read, and Mr. Pemberton prayed, after which the Council was adjourned without Day.  Esquire Baker and Mr. Whitney accompanyed me to Dr. Stanton Prentice’s in Lancaster.  There we sat out after Sunsett and rode home by Moon Light — got here between 12 and 1, safe by the Blessing of God.

July 30, 1757

1757 July 30 (Saturday).  Very indisposed and unqualifyed for Study and had many Things to take me up, which prevented my preparing any new sermon.  Amon worked for me at Mr. Twitchells, to pay him for working yesterday.  And Neighbour Eliezer Rice brought home another Load of Hay.  N.B. Neighbour Moses Nurse sick.  I visited him.