August 15, 1757

1757 August 15 (Monday).  There has been of late much Talk of Indians Seen in our Woods — at Uxbridge, Mill-river etc., which raises in many people Suspicions of what may be the Cause of it.  Amon came to work.  He reaps the rest of my Oates.  P.M. he mows Bushes.  I visited his Father.  Dined at Mr. Nat. Whitney’s.  The Company under Capt. Fay called together and every 4th man is taken to go out against the Enemy.  The Troop also meet at Capt. Bezaleal Eager’s, They being warned to go.  N.B. my son Thomas trades with William Stone to go in his Stead.  N.B. Capt. Wood and his wife here.