May 27, 1748

1748 May 27 (Friday).  Mr. Kneeland[1] told me I Should not need to say anything to his Brother Green[2] about paying for the Journal, for I was not (he said) in the pay List.  Was at Rogers and Fowls and receiv’d several Favours from Mr. Rogers.  Din’d with sister Rebecca[3] and my Neece Mrs. Oliver.  Bought my Brothers Hatt for 8£ Old Tenor and they presented me with my Fathers Cane, of Whales Tooth.  Had Mr. Peam Cowells Chair for my Neece (Betty Parkman) who was ready to ride with me.  We rode as far as to Mr. Cottons at Newtown.  There we were kindly entertain’d and lodg’d.  Mr. Jones of Western there.

[1]Samuel Kneeland, the printer of Boston.

[2]Bartholomew Green and Kneeland were the publishers of The Boston Gazette and Weekly Journal.

[3]Parkman’s sister-in-law, Mrs. Alexander Parkman.