May 2, 1748

1748 May 2 (Monday).  Joseph Bowker came to work for me for 4 months, Wages 50£, Old Tenor.  Ebenezer and he brought my Cow (with her Calf) that had been kept at Lieutenant Tainter’s.  I walked over to Mr. Whipples.  N.B. Mr. Silas Walker of Nichewog there.  Mr. Whipple was so kind as to lend me his Horse to ride to Mr. Joseph Knowltons.  I visited his Wife and pray’d with her.  Visited Elijah Bellows[1] Sick of a Fever and pray’d with him.  A Thunder Storm arose and kept me there and at Mr. Whipples till it was late in the Evening.

[1]A son of Eleazer Bellows.