May 26, 1748

1748 May 26 (Thursday).  At Convention Dr. Wigglesworth[1] preach’d on Eph. 4.11.12.  The Collection amounted to nigh 300£ Old Tenor.  I din’d at Mr. Wellsteads.[2]  Mr. Solomon Williams[3] and President Clap[4] give me account of Mr. Aaron Hutchinson now at Grafton.  Mr. Chase’s Sermon at Mr. Wellmans Ordination is now come out of the Press.[5]  Bought Brother Alexanders Hatt for 8£ Old Tenor.  Reverend Mr. Gee bury’d.  Dr. Sewall pray’d’ before the Corps were mov’d.  I walk’d with Mr. Lowel[6] of Newbury.  Ministers, except the associated ministers of the Town had not Gloves: Yet the Church and Congregation gather’d plentifully to bear the Charge but it was very much expended on the numerous Family.  After I had some free and warm Discourse with Mr. Loring, and hope I have Some Special Interest in his prayers.  N.B. Something was Said by Dr. Parkman about my preaching to his wife this Eve — but he went to Dorchester to see his Child (had my Horse in Captain Whites Chair).  Nobody spoke to me at Evening about it and I was very deeply engag’d in my mind about some other Things, So that twas too late to begin an Exercise.  Captain White and his Lady were there, and I lodg’d there.

[1]Edward Wigglesworth, D.D., the Harvard professor.

[2]The Reverend Mr. William Welsteed of the New Brick Church.

[3](Harvard 1719).  The minister of Lebanon, Conn., 1749-1769.  Sibley, VI, 352-361.

[4]Thomas Clap (Harvard 1722), the President of Yale College, 1740-1764.  Sibley, VII, 27-50.

[5]Stephen Chase, The Angel of the Churches (Boston, 1748).

[6]The Reverend Mr. John Lowell.