May 25, 1748

1748 May 25 (Wednesday).  Rode to Boston.  Mr. Lewis[1] of Pembrook preach’d to the General Assembly on Isa. 22.21.  Din’d at Brother Samuels.  At Convention p.m.  N.B. Mr. Williams[2] of Weston Moderator.  No Boston ministers at Dr. Sewals but Mr. Byles[3] only: who was therefore chosen Clerk.  A Letter from Major Abbot[4] of Providence born by Deacon Belknap, to desire further assistance from the Convention, in supporting preaching among them.  I heard the very heavy Tidings of the Death of the Reverend and worthy Mr. Joshua Gee, Senior Pastor of the Old North, a minister of primitive Stamp.  Alme Deus!  Tales prefice ubique Gregi.  I went to see Dr. Parkmans Wife who remains in Very low and weak Condition, but is not worse.  I lodg’d there with them.

[1]Daniel Lewes (Harvard 1707), the minister of Pembroke, 1712-1751.  Sibley, V, 334-337.

[2]The Reverend Mr. William Williams.

[3]Mather Byles of the Hollis Street Church.

[4]Daniel Abbott, Jr., of Providence.