May 16, 1748

1748 May 16 (Monday).  I rode to Lancaster to see Mrs. Wheeler.  Mr. James Ball went with me.  I visited Judge Wilder likewise.  Was at Madam Prentice’s[1] but she was gone to Boston.  Expected to see Mr. Abraham Williams who preaches there, but he was gone to Leominster.  Was at Dr. Stanton Prentice’s.  He gave me an imperfect Scudders daily walk.[2]  Return’d home at Night.  Found the Missionary Strong at my House, both he and Mr. Spencer had been at Boston.  They had been to the Commissioners to acquaint ‘em that there was no Encouragement to go up with Mr. John Brainerd to the Indians on Susquehannah River.  He lodg’d here.

[1]The widow of the Reverend Mr. John Prentice.

[2]Henry Scudder, The Christian’s Daily Walk in Holy Security and Peace (London, 1637).  There were many English editions.