May 13, 1748

1748 May 13 (Friday).  Mr. Hall and his Wife, Mr. Wellman and Mr. Hutchinson went with us down to Brother Hicks, who also came to show us the way to his House.  We all din’d there.  In the Afternoon Brother Hicks and his wife mounted and rode with us as far as to Deacon Hall’s,[1] whither we all went.  My Spouse and I parted from the rest of the Company at Deacon Halls and we rode, with Mr. Hutchinson accompanying to Deacon Whipples[2] in Grafton, where this Gentleman lodges.  Our Conversation was chiefly on the Melancholly Subject of the Separations — both at Sutton and at Grafton.  Mr. Hutchinson show’d the Ministers who were together today his Credentials — sign’d by the Clerk of the South Association in Hartford.  We Stopp’d at Winchesters so long as to Eat.  We found our Habitation in Peace.  D.G.  In special our little Alexander who has been weaning ever since Monday Night.

[1]Percival Hall was a founder of the Sutton Church.  He was a representative of Sutton.

[2]James Whipple.