July 17, 1747

1747 July 17 (Friday).  Mr. Dunlop and Mr. Martyn Pratt came to reap Rye for me.  P.M. Joseph Grout came to reap also.  They got the Southside down and Load in, the other part was Shock’d in the Field.  Ebenezer and Thomme are getting the Barley into a Stack, with Joseph Grouts Help.  Great likelihood of Thunder storm, but it went over.  Mr. Batherick rakes and Cocks the South part of the Meadow.  Molly rode over to Mr. Martyns with Hannah Forbush,[1] and return’s at Evening and Hannah lodg’d here.  These Two Days have been extreme Hot, and it seems as if men could not undergo their Labour.

[1]The daughter of Deacon Jonathan Forbush.