June 3, 1747

1747 June 3 (Wednesday).  Rain a.m.  Noah p.m. helping Ebenezer weed.  N.B. Mr. David Batherick here again bargain’d to get my Meadow (viz. to mow and rake) for 8£.  Mr. Breck came towards Eve.  And at Eve Mr. Stephen Williams and his son — and Mr. Wadsworth[1] of Hartford — and they all lodg’d here.  N.B. pastur’d 3 Horses in Captain Maynards.

[1]Daniel Wadsworth (Yale 1726), the minister of the First Church in Hartford, 1732-1747.  Dexter, Biographical Sketches, pp.340-341.

June 4, 1747

1747 June 4 (Thursday).  Mr. Breck, Williams, Wadsworth and Williams [sic] went off.  Noah How still at Weeding.  Lieutenant Tainter and his Joseph Bowker, and Mr. Samuel Harrington with good Team came and got Wood, a good pile.  Lieutenant at 4 p.m. went to Mr. Whipples to private meeting. The rest stay’d. N.B. Mr. Whipple here, and talk’d (to my grief) respecting the Common Medium of Trade, etc.  Towards night came Mr. Wellman, preacher at Sutton, and lodg’d here.

June 5, 1747

1747 June 4 (Thursday).  Mr. Breck, Williams, Wadsworth and Williams [sic] went off.  Noah How still at Weeding.  Lieutenant Tainter and his Joseph Bowker, and Mr. Samuel Harrington with good Team came and got Wood, a good pile.  Lieutenant at 4 p.m. went to Mr. Whipples to private meeting. The rest stay’d. N.B. Mr. Whipple here, and talk’d (to my grief) respecting the Common Medium of Trade, etc.  Towards night came Mr. Wellman, preacher at Sutton, and lodg’d here.

June 6, 1747

1747 June 6 (Saturday).  N.B. Noah How and my son Ebenezer had acquainted me that Mr. Jension had offer’d to read one of his sermons to the young men at their meeting next Sabbath Evening if I was willing.  I consented but not to his preaching. But to Day I saw him and spoke with him about it. P.M. he was here and very chearly but no word of this matter.

June 7, 1747

1747 June 7 (Sunday).  A.M. on Mat. 13.29.30 and 39 to 43.  P.M. on 2 Cor. 13.5 using Sermon on 1 Cor. 11.28 from page 10 to page 21.  After Evening Service I Stop’d the Church and having read the Letter from the Church of Worcester requesting our assistance in the Ordination of Mr. Maccarty, I ask’d for a Vote whether they comply’d with it, and for better Discovery desir’d those who voted it to move into the womens Seats — upward of Twenty appear’d for it and but 13 against it.  Captain Baker[1] was also chose the Church’s Delegate.  Mr. Jenison at my House after Meeting but Said nothing of his meeting with the young men.  But I understood afterwards that he went in among them and talk’d with them concerning my unwillingness etc.  But that he would Speak with me himself about it.

[1]Edward Baker.

June 8, 1747

1747 June 8 (Monday).  Early in the Morning came Mr. Jenison and we had some Discourse together about my unwillingness that he Should preach.  Mr. Whitney here afterwards — gave him some admonitory Caution about keeping to such word as he gives about Work, if not promising yet encouraging his Customers to have it done — and if it be in little Things yet to have proper Regard to it.  Mr. Josiah Bowker call’d to see me just before I mounted to go to Marlborough. I call’d at Mr. David Brighams and at Levi’s. Din’d at Mr. Smiths. Went to Mr. Williams and talk’d with him on the Affair of binding Thomme — but he would insist for my finding his Cloths.  We did not proceed — but suspended it for the present. Was at Dr. Gotts and call’d at Mr. Matthias Rices. Barrs for my Book of the Platform etc.

June 10, 1747

1747 June 10 (Wednesday).  Captain Baker accompany’d me to Worcester.  Ebenezer was disappointed of his Cloths which could not be made, and he resign’d his Horse to his sister Molly who therefore went.  Thomme also (who came up from Marlborough last night) went to Worcester.  Mr. Williams[1] of Weston was chose Moderator and Mr. Gray[2] of Boston Clerk.  N.B. Colonel Chandlers interpretation of that part of a Paper which Mr. Maccarty had Sign’d relating to Itinerants, viz. not to intend orderly ministers and of good standing in the Church of God who may Journey etc., but rambling Fellows that go about preaching.  We went to Meeting in procession.  Mr. Campbell[3] began with prayer.  Mr. Maccarty preach’d on 1 Thess. 2.13.  Mr. Moderator pray’d and gave the Charge, and Mr. Cotton[4] of Newton the Right Hand.  Handsome Entertainment at Colonel Chandlers.  N.B. Mr. Flynt[5] and his Nephews son Henry Quincy[6] in Company with us from Mr. Cushings.  A great many Clergy men at the Installment.  I design’d to have return’d home this Eve, but my Daughter Molly was not well.  She lodg’d at Colonel Chandlers but I lodg’d at Dr. Brecks.  N.B. Mrs. Breck lately lain in of a Daughter.

[1]The Reverend William Williams.

[2]Ellis Gray (Harvard 1734), the minister of the New Brick Church in Boston, 1738-1752.

[3]John Campbell of Oxford.

[4]John Cotton.

[5]Henry Flynt, the famous tutor of Harvard College.

[6]The grandson of Judge Edmund Quincy, Flynt’s brother-in-law.

June 11, 1747

1747 June 11 (Thursday).  Was at Mr. Fessendens who tells me that our Claim upon Esquire Lee’s Estate is allow’d by the Judge, but the Administrator has not made up his Accounts yet.  Broke fast at Mr. Maccartys with Mr. Gray and his Delegates, Mr. Bridge, Messrs. Newman and Thomas Greenough.  I return’d home before we din’d.  N.B. Mr. David Braynard, Missionary to the Indians on the Forks of Delaware under an ill habit of Body journeying for his Health was here and din’d with me, together with Miss Jerusha Edwards[1] of Northampton.  Mr. Braynard gave me an account of the origin of his mission and the success of it.  To the glory and Honour of the Great Author of all Goodness and Mercy!  N.B. Noah How[2] with Ebenezer Digging a Drain from my home Meadow into the Barns Swamp.  Ebenezer Mow’d the Garden and fore yard.

[1]The daughter of the Reverend Jonathan Edwards.  She was betrothed to David Brainerd, the Indian missionary.

[2]Son of neighbour Hezekiah Howe.

June 15, 1747

1747 June 15 (Monday).  Deacon Newton[1] and Mr. Francis Whipple here to induce me to Sue the Town for their arrearages to me.  P.M. Mrs. Persis Brigham[2] here and was examin’d.  At Eve Josiah Bowker here in Soul Concern.  N.B. A Lye voluntarily confess’d.  God grant remission! The conviction was ripen’d by Yesterday afternoon sermon.

[1]Josiah Newton.

[2]Mrs. Jonah Brigham.

June 16, 1747

1747 June 16 (Tuesday).  I rode to Sudbury to Ministerial Meeting there.  As I went I call’d at Mr. Cornelius Cooks Shop and got a Shooe put on to my Horse.  At the meeting there were Mr. Cushing, Gardner, Barrett, Stone, Smith, Morse, Millen, Goss, Davis, Seccomb.  See Association Records for what we did except my asking their Advice upon the article of my Suing the town of Westborough for my Sallery, in which they were to a Man Warm and Zealous against it.  This I did not See meet to enter any Thing of in our Records.

June 17, 1747

1747 June 17 (Wednesday).  Mr. Swift, Mr. Bliss[1] and Mr. Minot[2] came to Ministerial Meeting.  Mr. Seccomb preach’d a Savoury and moving Sermon upon John 4.41.42.  It seems indeed to have been Compos’d in A Strain which many would Term New-Light, but there was not much ground, if any at all for any one to make Exception.  But I saw plainly that it did not go down well with Some Gentlemen.  I am heartily sorry that there are any Remains of the Bitter root among us.  I returned by Marlborough home.

[1]Daniel Bliss of Concord.

[2]Timothy Minot (Harvard 1718) was a Concord schoolmaster who preached occasionally in a number of towns.  Sibley, VI, 257-258.

June 18, 1747

1747 June 18 (Thursday).  Expected Mr. Barrett to preach a Lecture for me to my young people but he did not come.  I preach’d my Self on Ps. 109.4, latter part; and do beg it may have Effect, both on my heart and the Audience!  N.B. Neighbour Jonathan Rogers kill’d a Calf for me this morning.  Captain Warrin and Neighbour How a Quarter apiece, Neighbour Chamberlin and Neighbour Cook a Quarter between them.  N.B. after Lecture Captain Warrin, Messrs. Whitney, Abner Newton, Batherick and a number more stopp’d at my Barn and drawed up the Joints which were out to place, and pinn’d them and sett up shores to keep it from wrecking any more.  N.B. To my great sorrow heard the Storys confirm’d of Mr. Prentice beating his Wife again; Ensign Pratt[1] of Grafton being here: who likewise desir’d me to desist with Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s request for special Privileges, till he could talk with him a little.  Mr. Jenison supp’d with me, and he attended Two Marriages here this Evening, viz. Mr. Tomlins[2] and James Miller[3] junior’s.  N.B. Mr. Jenison pray’d after the Covenant was administer’d to the last Couple.

[1]Phinehas Pratt.

[2]Hezekiah Tomlin married Martha Maynard.

[3]Miller married Elizabeth, the daughter of Samuel Hardy.

June 20, 1747

1747 June 20 (Saturday).  Goodhew, Daniel How, Nathan Maynard, Benjamin Whipple and Rody Smith came in the morning and hoed my Corn and my Beans and had done by 11 a.m. a great Kindness, and Relief though it took but so little Time.  P.M. Mr. Smith of Marlborough came to ‘change. Mr. Whipple our Representative who came up to Day tells us that a Post is gone down to Boston with News from the Mohawks that 3000 French and Indians have come over the Lake.  This will put us into new Distresses by pressing out our men again at this busy season. I rode to Marlborough and lodg’d at Mr. Smiths.

June 22, 1747

1747 June 22 (Monday).  Ebenezer begins the other mowing and strikes into the South side.  Eli Forbush came here to board and to be instructed. P.M. Mr. Wellman from Sutton here and lodges.  N.B. Shews me his Answer and Proposals to the people in Sutton that had call’d him to settle with them in the Ministry.

June 23, 1747

1747 June 23 (Tuesday).  Mr. Wellman and Mr. Jenison journey, to Waterton and Cambridge.  I visited Mrs. Miller again. She thinks She is grown better, but I fear it is self-Flattery.  Was at Mr. Charles Rice’s. Got him to choose a Scythe for my son at Ebenezer Rice’s. Was also at Lieutenant Tainters.  He requests me to write a Letter to Benjamin in Canada, if yet alive. Ebenezer mowing Southside.