July 8, 9, 1747

1747 July 8, 9 (Wednesday, Thursday).  Constantly devoted to the public hearing of the grievances and Difficultys among them leading the Church into the properest steps we could.  One of those Evenings Mr. Ebenezer Wadsworth came and acquaint’d me with Mr. Prentice’s Conduct and that he was about to prosecute him.  The other of these Evenings Madam Prentice came and was at Supper with us, together with her Husband.  We hear that Two Canterbury Exhorters were come into Town, viz. Samuel Wadsworth[1] and one McDonald.  I lodg’d from night to night at Mr. Joseph Rice’s.

[1]An uneducated preacher who was ordained and served the third church at South Killingly, Conn., 1746-1762.