July 14, 1747

1747 July 14 (Tuesday).  Captain Willard[1] and Mr. Brooks[2] here going to Mr. Martyn to wait upon him with the Church’s vote of him for their Standing Moderator.  Ephraim Sherman here to acquaint me with their Desire that I would preach in Grafton next Lords Day and that they had got Mr. Wilson of Hopkinton to preach in my Room.  N.B. Noah How and Nathan Maynard p.m. mow’d for me.  I suppose Nathan works for Mr. Abraham Batchellour who design’d to give me a Lift.  Ebenezer and Thomme went to Cart Hay from the Meadow.  They brought one Turn.  N.B. Catechetical Exercise.

[1]Joseph Willard of Grafton.

[2]Ebenezer Brooks of Grafton.