July 10, 1747

1747 July 10 (Friday).  There was a meeting (we heard) at Mr. David Wadsworths[1] this forenoon, but it was impossible for us to regard it being most closely engag’d in our private review of what we had been several Days hearing in Publick.  N.B. Mr. Loring thinks that Mr. Prentice is not to blame for baptizing after Objections were made by 3 (Two Deacons and one particular member with them) and after the Church had shown Man by Man their Desire that Mr. Prentice would ask a Dismission.  He and I had a few words upon this.  P.M. we drew up our Result.  Mr. Goddard Said he could not recommend him to the work of the Ministry again.  Neither was there anyone found that could.  Upon the public reading the Result Mrs. Prentice’s Voice was Suddenly lifted up and she scream’d in the assembly — the Chief was in defence of their (the Separatists) Convenanting together and to exhort and p[r]ay the Members of the Council not to fight against God.  Mr. Prentice reflected very hard upon the Council as doing what was very unjust; and especially towards Mr. Fletcher[2] and he further added that he took notice how some of the Council Whisper’d with the disaffected, a foolish aspersion!  After the Assembly we went into his House: Where upon my Saying I hop’d I had done in Integrity what I had done.  He reply’d that he Saw very little signs of it.  I took leave of the Town this Evening and repair’d Home, accompany’d to Westborough by Deacon Newton and Mr. Whitney the Delegates.

[1]David and Ebenezer Wadsworth were members of the separatist group in Grafton.

[2]Eleazer Fletcher of Grafton.