July 3, 1747

1747 July 3 (Friday).  I rose early and was refresh’d with my Rest, Blessed be God! I got upon my Horse  I suppose by Sun rise for though I had requested Mr. Stone to preach my Lecture to Day yet I know not what might fall out; and therefore hasten’d home.  Broke Fast with Mr. Seccomb at his Father Williams at Weston. He (and Mr. Cheney afterwards came up) was my Company as it was at Election Time. I call’d at Captain D. Baldwins and both he and his wife were full of Courtisie.  I din’t at home. Reverend Mr. Stone came to my House just as I came myself, he going in at one Door whilst I did at t’other. He preach’d my Lecture on Jer. [blank].  I have sent unto you all my Prophets rising Early etc., but ye have not hearken’d [Jer.25.4].  Understood that Thomme came up on Commencement Day to work at Home.