July 16, 1747

1747 July 16 (Thursday).  My Boys work’d at Home. They Cutt the Barley.  A great deal of Hay in Making. P.M. a thunder Storm arose which drew out all Hands of us to work.  Bekky and I pol’d in what was round the Barn and near at Hand. The Barley in part rak’d and Cock’d, the rest left in Wind-rows.  A part of our Hay we were forc’d to leave spread around. And Neighbour Batherick did not pretend to go to the meadow till the Afternoon, if he went then; So that doubtless the great Quantity of Hay there is wash’d.  But the Storm went chiefly to the South. We had not a great deal of Rain. Another Thunder storm in the Evening went mostly South also. This working in the Hay worry’d me not a Little — But I hope I got over it.