April 30, 1746

1746 April 30 (Wednesday).  A Number of Brethren from the North side here, viz. Messrs. Townsend, Allen and his Son, Matthias Rice and Silas Fay: and with them Mr. John McCollister desiring to be dismiss’d and recommended to the building a Church of Christ in the North part of the Town.  I mention’d to them their Delinquency on Communion Days, their Injustice towards me respecting the arrears which were due to me from the Town, and the securing to me the Material [ministerial?] Rights. At Length came Mr. Wheeler, James Ball and Jacob Rice, who were opposite to the former and to their proceedings.  Mr. Ball mention’d his Desire of a Church Meeting in order to have Some Conference and to sett all Things to Rights before we Divide and his proposal of a Meeting was agreed to.