April 17, 1746

1746 April 17 (Thursday).  Just after sun rise we rode from Marlborough to Boston and din’d at Mrs. Keggells.  Hasten’d to Brother Alexanders where we put up our Chair and Horse. The Funeral was put by because of the Fowl weather Yesterday which was thought would prevent my Coming. I went to my Brother Samuels to consult him about Necessary Preparations but hasten’d to take a View of the Dear and much Esteem’d Remains — which though So long breathless were not greatly alter’d from Life.  The Lord Convince Me of my own Frailty, Since most certainly I am the Same as she from whom I came! The Lord prepare me for the awfull Time! In the Evening my Brethren were together at Mothers and we pray’d together. My wife and I lodg’d there.