April 13, 1746

1746 April 13 (Sunday).  Sacrament. Preach’d a.m. on Luke 24.46.  P.M. Hosea 13.9.  N.B. At Communion we sung Rev. 5.10, at which Mrs. Whitney cry’d out — but we went on without stopping to the End of what was propos’d — and she was still at the Blessing.  O might it please God to give us all a lively sense of his infinite Love and our great Obligations to him therefor!  O that we might walk worthy of him to all well pleasing!  N.B. Deacon Fay, Widow Woods, Mrs. Collister[1] and Mrs. Bowman[2] din’d here.  N.B. Many of the North side were absent from Communion.  We were in much Expectation that Mr. Martyn would have brought his wife over to us this Evening — but he came not.

[1]Mrs. John McCollister of Westborough.

[2]Mrs. James Bowman.