May 1, 1746

1746 May 1 (Thursday).  I preach’d at the Private Meeting at Deacon Newton’s[1] on 1 John 1.7.  The rather because of the Languishing State of the Meeting much complain’d of Still, but yet not pitty’d and reform’d — though I have been divers Times present with them upon this Very Ground. I Stop’d the Brethren after Meeting and talk’d to them upon that Head and earnestly Exhorted as well as admonish’d — hoping they would show some regard.  We afterwards fell into some Discourse with relation to our North side and their Affairs.  N.B. Molly rode with me.  At Eve Thomas Winchester finish’d with me for last Years agreement — he having been paid therefor some time agoe.

[1]Josiah Newton.

May 4, 1746

1746 May 4 (Sunday).  I preach’d on Ps. 27.10, all Day.  Rainy. N.B. No Letter yet from Northside.  Propounded Jonas Childs and Wife and Sarah Forbush, wife of Captain Forbush.  Stop’d the Church and acquainted them with the Desires of 5 Brethren on the North side to be dismiss’d; and read the request of another five to have a Church Meeting.  Church meeting appointed to be 2 p.m. Next Wednesday.

May 7, 1746

1746 May 7 (Wednesday).  The Church met at the Request of Mr. Joseph Wheeler and Four others, Brethren of the Church to have Some Conference with those 6 Brethren who desire Dismission.  See Records of the Church.[1]  Not being able to come to a Vote to dismiss the Brethren desiring it, the Meeting was adjourn’d to Next Monday Morning 8 o’Clock.

[1]The Westborough church did not at this time vote the dismission of the north side people.

May 8, 1746

1746 May 8 (Thursday).  I found there was a Considerable Frost last Night.  Rode to Shrewsbury and Consulted Mr. Cushing[1] upon our Difficultys in the Church.  Din’d there.  Settl’d my account with Mr. Parker Shoemaker — was at Mr. Thomas Smiths whose wife is making me a Calamanco Jacket and Breaches.  When I got home Neighbour Eliezer Rice concerning the Ministerial Meadow.  Mr. Daniel Warrins (alias Spriggins). They were in Sorrows for 2 of his wife’s Brethren who dy’d at Cape Breton.

[1]Reverend Job Cushing.

May 10, 1746

1746 May 10 (Saturday).  Greatly hinder’d by Mr. Josiah Bowkers being here to be Examin’d in order to his joining with others in laying the foundations of a Church in the North Precinct, but I advis’d him to wave it; besides that the Time was So short that there could be no opportunity for him to come again — -and there would be enough for a Church without him.  A Warm Day.  At Eve came Mr. Carns[1] of Boston, who had been [on] a Journey to New Haven.

[1]John Carnes (Harvard 1742), later the minister of Stoneham, 1746-1757.  Sibley, XI, 137-142-

May 12, 1746

1746 May 12 (Monday).  Mr. Carns’s Horse not fit to go his Journey by reason of the Swelling of his Back.  Church Met according to Adjournment.  See Church Records.[1]  I was full of deep Concern to See the Church so perplex’d — and I became faint and weary before we had done.  But (by the Help of God) I endeavour’d to Manage every affair with the utmost Impartiality and refus’d to Vote, My Self, in any Article, but yielded all to them.  Mr. Carns din’d with me.  Mr. Martyn visited me.  I urg’d him to provide Some Body else to preach the Ordination Sermon, and  especially because of the uncertainty of the Councils allowing our Church votes.  I enquir’d what he might intend by preventing [preventing?]Jealousies and Suspicions in his Letter to me, Since I had given No Cause for any?  He invited my Wife and Daughter to Ordination. Mr. Martyn left me to go to a Number of his Brethren who were to meet in the Northside to Day.  Mr. Carns lodg’d here.  N.B. Mr. Jenison with Mr. Martyn to Day.

[1]Through some oversight Parkman made no entry in the Church Records between May 7 and May 18.

May 14, 1746

1746 May 14 (Wednesday).  Mr. Carns ventur’d to undertake his Journey home.  Brother Hicks and his wife, his Company.  P.M. Mrs. Forbush (Captain’s wife) here to get her Relation writ.  While I was engag’d in her Busines came Mrs. Edwards of North Grafton [Northampton?] and Major Pomeroys grandson.  With them came also Reverend Mr. Bridge of Framingham — and Lieutenant Tainter.  The Last inform’d me of the Sorrowfull Fall of Mrs. Betty Loring,[1] being six months gone with Child by Manson[2] the Barber at Sudbury.  More sad news from the Frontiers — the Indians have wounded Several persons at Colerain and Husack, and led away Captive Deacon Brown and another man from lower Ashuelot.

[1]Elizabeth, the daughter of the Reverend Israel Loring.

[2]Richard Manson and Elizabeth Loring were married June 6, 1746.

May 15, 1746

1746 May 15 (Thursday).  Mrs. Edwards and the Lad with her went to Boston.  Lieutenant Aaron Forbush to get a Letter writ by me to his son Noah.  Mr. Daniel Warrin at stone Wall. Came at 10 a.m., yet he built me (as he said) 7 Rod — for which he ask’d me 7 Shillings though by the Rod it would have amount to half as much more.

May 19, 1746

1746 May 19 (Monday).  Mr. McAllister here for his Certificat; and Mr. Matthias Rice here with a Letter from Mr. Martyn concerning my preaching his Ordination sermon which I had already consented to in Case the Council Should advise that we Should join in the work of that Day.  I rode over to Mr. Allens, and there (at the Mill) wrote a Letter to Mr. Barrett,[1] Seconding a Letter from Mr. Martyn desiring him to come prepar’d to preach in Case etc.  I din’d at Mr. Palatiah Rice’s.  Bought peas at 16 shillings and wheat at 18 pence per Bushel.  Was at Mr. Thomas Warrins, at the widow Coolidge’s, at Mr. McAllisters, Gershom Fay’s, Lawrence’s and Mr. Nathan Balls.  N.B. his Son Ebenezer lyes by with a broken Thigh.  I proceed’d (according to my main Design in going out to Day) to visit Mrs. Livermore who is in a Wasting Condition.  In Return was at Mr. James Balls.  There were Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Jacob Rice, Lawrence, etc. contriving and preparing to oppose the Ordinance [ordination?][;] call’d at Mr. George Smiths and Timothy Fays.  N.B. in their Talk of Mr. Martyn I was every way endeavouring to mollifie etc., and should they make the worst of it they might Remember the Story of St. Augustine who did not preach till he was 35.  When I came home I found Mr. Bridgham[2] of Brimfield and his Mother, who lodg’d here.

[1]The Reverend Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[2]Reverend James Bridgham.

May 20, 1746

1746 May 20 (Tuesday).  Mr. Bridgham with his Mother from Boston.  At Eve Mr. Gay[1] of Suffield and his sister Ballantine in their Journey to Dedham, here and lodg’d here.  Town Meeting.  Mr. Francis Whipple chose Representative. I sent for Lieutenant Holloway[2] and talk’d with him for his Reproachfully declaring in Town Meeting that I would take more than Lawfull Interest.  He made a mean and unsatisfying Defence.

[1]Reverend Ebenezer Gay.

[2]William Holloway.

May 21, 1746

1746 May 21 (Wednesday).  Rainy Morning.  Mr. Gay and his sister set out when it was moderated.  Mr. Barrett here going to the Ordination. My Wife went over with me.  Met at Lieutenant Holloways.  Messrs. Prentice, Cushing, Gardner,[1] there already. Mr. Loring and Mr. Hall[2] did not come, So that there were but 5 Churches.  Mr. Prentice Moderator.  Mr. Barrett Clerk.  The Church of Westborough refus’d to join in the Council till the Votes of Said Church were Scann’d and judg’d of.  The Council judg’d them Valid; yet they requested the advice of the Council whether all Things consider’d it could be, nevertheless, advisable for them to Act?  Who Still advis’d to it.  Upon which they join’d in Council.  Objections were brought in (about 12 o’Clock) by Messrs. Wheeler, Jacob Rice, and Timothy Fay, but when debated on by the Council they were Voted insufficient to be any Barr to proceeding.  We went to meeting 1/2 after 4 p.m. Mr. Barrett began with prayer.  I preach’d on Heb. 13.17. Mr. Gardner gather’d the Church which consisted of Ten, viz. Ephraim Alen, John McAllister, Joshua Dowsing, Jonathan Livermore, John Caruth, Matthias Rice, Gershom Fay, Silas Fay, [blank] Shepherd and Samuel Allen.  Mr. Prentice gave the Charge, Mr. Cushing the Fellowship of the Churches.  Sung Ps. 66 from number 17 one staff and 1/2. It was almost night when we broke off.  An unhappy accident befell a young man by the Fall of one of the Supporters of the Gallery.  He was knock’d down to the Ground and seem’d Stunn’d for a while, but he was taken up and grew better.  It was that son of Mr. Nathaniel Oake who has already met with Many Sad Disasters — but God be prais’d he yet survives!  After Supper we were accompany’d home by Sir Williams and three young scholars more.  Baldwin,[3] Cook,[4] and Richardson,[5] who all lodg’d here.  And thus we have seen another Church founded in this Town and another Pastor ordain’d: And may the God of infinite Mercy forgive all my unfaithfulness to those who have been under my Care!  may all that has been unrighteous, and blameworthy in them be pardon’d of God!  May that Church be a Pure Golden Candlestick and the person Set up therein be a Starr, a burning and Shining Light!  May we all be united in Faith and Love!  that we may have Sweet Communion, mutual assistance and Consolation here, and meet together in the heavenly Glory at last — through Christ Jesus.  Amen!  Besides my having So much Company of late to Shorten my Pasture, a Number of Horses, chiefly from Captain Maynards, have broke in for Several Nights.

[1]Reverend John Gardner of Stow.

[2]Reverend David Hall of Sutton.

[3]William Baldwin (Harvard 1748).

[4]William Cooke (Harvard 1748).

[5]Gideon Richardson (Harvard 1749).

May 22, 1746

1746 May 22 (Thursday).  Sir Williams etc. had not left us before we were favour’d with Mr. Barretts Company, who tarried and din’d with me.  N.B. a Council Sat at Framingham on Tuesday last, and sits at Hopkinton to Day, at the Call of the Separating Partys. P.M. Brother Hicks and his wife from Cambridge and lodg’d here.

May 25, 1746

1746 May 25 (Sunday).  Sacrament. Luke 24.46.  2 Cor. 5.20. The Opposing Brethren of the North Side here at Communion, and Mrs. Laurence, Mrs. Fay (Samuel Junior’s wife), Mrs. Chamberliln (John’s wife) besides Captain Fay din’d here.  O that we might not enjoy our happy privileges in Vain! nor liberation in Religion without some good Effect! I call’d heaven and Earth to witness, in Communion Exercise, that we did now Solemnly Covenant and bind ourselves to be the Lords!  May we have grace to abide by it!

May 27, 1746

1746 May 27 (Tuesday).  Early in the Morning I rode over to Mr. Williams to see his sons Wife and Child who had the Throat Distemper.  Mr. Francis Whipple the Representative was with me, and we thence prosecuted our Journey for Cambridge and Boston.  We rode to Mr. Liscombs[1] (at Southborough), to Mr. Stones — to Colonel Buckministers — rain’d at Weston — din’d at Woolsons Tavern.  There came Mr. Cushing, and Mr. Whitney of Nitchewaug.  My Company rode along, but much more on the Road, Colonel Stoddard,[2] Chandler[3] etc.  We stopp’d at Saltmarsh’s — and then many more; Brigadier Dwight,[4] Colonel Porter, Mr. Breck, Mr. Chester Williams.  Afterwards Dr. William Clark of Boston etc.  I proceeded as far as Cambridge and lodg’d at Mother Champneys.

[1]Samuel Lyscom.

[2]John Stoddard (Harvard 1701) of Northampton, a Councillor, and Chief Justice of the Circuit Court of Common Pleas.  Sibley, V, 96-119.

[3]John Chandler of Worcester.

[4]Timothy Dwight of Hatfield.

May 28, 1746

1746 May 28 (Wednesday).  Rode to Boston, put up my Horse at Mr. Samuel Procters.  Visited my sister Willard, who has been in a poorer state of Health than usual, ever since Mother’s Death.  The sermon to Day was by my Excellent Master Barnard of Andover. Din’d with Brother Alexander. P.M. at the Convention.  Dr. Sewal Moderator and Mr. Checkley Clerk. Voted an address to the King on Occasion of the Rebellion. Supp’d at Sister Bettys with Brother Alexander and his mistress.  Lodg’d at Sister Willards.

May 29, 1746

1746 May 29 (Thursday).  Mr. Gay of Hingham preach’d to the Convention on John 3.  The Collection (I think) amounted to 232£. A peaceable Meeting.  Blessed be God! Din’d at Mr. Checkleys with Mr. President, Mr. Barnard of Marblehead, Mr. Appleton, Mr. Bridgham and Mr. Maccarty.  At Convention p.m. we met to finish the Address and distribute the Collection. At Eve rode to Cambridge and lodg’d at Mother Champneys.  N.B. Sister Lydia at Boston.

May 30, 1746

1746 May 30 (Friday).  Went over to College for the Sake of Mr. Cushings Company, and to Mr. William Morse’s to have a shooe put on to my Mare. Spent some little Time in the publick Library.  We din’d at Mr. Stearns’s in Watertown: and call’d at Matthias Rice’s. Found my Tabernacle in Peace. Blessed be God!