April 1, 1746

1746 April 1 (Tuesday).  Visited Brother Barrett who has been infirm ever since he came from Cape Briton, but now is very low and wasting.  The Lord grant both him and Me a lively Sense of our frail and perishing Nature, and prepare us for our Dissolution!  Heard that Mrs. Miriam Cheever is Dead.  O that Every Death of those I knew and Convers’d freely with might be a new quickening to Me!  I was with Edmund Trowbridge Esquire[1] to consult him upon my Case with reference to the arrears of the Town of Westborough, and with respect to our Precincts Votes for my Sallery etc. — and some other Affairs of Difficulty with me at this Time.  Proceeded to Boston; din’d at my Honoured Mothers, who through the Tender Mercy of God is yet Living, though Very feeble and not able to get up to Day till 3 p.m.  Sister Betty much better than when I left her last.  Lodg’d at Brother Alexanders.  N.B. He is hot in Courtship already to Mrs. Rebecca Jarvis — but the Circumstances of his Family are very Urgent.  The God of infinite Wisdom direct him and prevent his too soon forgetting the Great Design of the Sore Chastisement he is under!  N.B. Sent my Horse to Cambridge by Mr. Larkins son.

[1]Lawyer of Cambridge.