April 3, 1746

1746 April 3 (Thursday).  Visited Mrs. Carns of whom I had (gratis) an old Greek Lexicon, which with my Table Bible I consigned to Mr. Nathaniel Procter to be new bound.  Visited Mr. Gee[1] who is much impair’d in his Health.  The Lord be gracious to him and restore him!  Such worthy men being (alas!) too scarce.  Was at the Public Lecture. Mr. Webb preach’d on Eph. 4.18.  Din’d at Mr. Quincys[2] — where was also the Honourable Mr. Danforth[3] and Mr. Josiah Quincy.[4]  Was also at Mr. Hubbards.[5]  At Mr. Daniel Henshaw’s, with Captain Samuel Waterhouse. At Evening Brother Alexander and his Mistress (Mrs. Rebecca Jarvis) at mothers, till late. Lodg’d at Mothers.  I had Sent for my Horse, but kept him this Night at Brother Alexander’s Stable.

[1]The Reverend Joshua Gee.

[2]John Quincy (Harvard 1708) of Boston.

[3]Councillor Samuel Danforth.

[4](Harvard 1728).  Sibley, VIII, 463-475.

[5]Nathaniel Hubbard (Harvard 1698), Justice of the Superior Court.  Sibley, IV, 406- 408.