March 2, 1746

1746 March 2 (Sunday).  Sacrament and were favour’d by Providence with Moderate Weather, Yet Very few of our North side Brethren or Sisters at Communion.  I confess I did not Send them over Express, written Word last Sabbath, For as I went from Home last Saturday it was not in my Mind.  But I rested in this, that they could not but all of them know that it was our stated Cause. I preach’d a.m. and p.m. on Eph. 2.8, first part.  Deacon Fay and his wife and Deacon Newton din’d here.

March 4, 1746

1746 March 4 (Tuesday).  I went early to Mr. Beemans and paid him £30 old Tenor and took up my Bond.  N.B. By his wife’s assistance he was induc’d to forego the Whole of the Interest.  I in the Mean Time promising to do him the like Kindness if he should stand in Need, and I be able.  Catechiz’d both a.m. and p.m. at the Meeting House.

March 5, 1746

1746 March 5 (Wednesday).  Young Mr. Emerson from Worcester here, and presently Captain Flagg[1] both from Worcester. P.M. I was designing to go to Marlborough but Mrs. Child (Jonas’s wife) here to be examin’d.  Brother Hicks from Cambridge.  N.B. Though he has been down so long yet little Effected towards settling Accounts, but he tells me they were oblig’d to put in a Petition to the Judge to bring forward the Settlement of them.[2]  At Eve he went to Sutton.

[1]Captain Benjamin Flagg, Jr.

[2]This concerned the settlement of the estate of Parkman’s first father-in-law, Samuel Champney of Cambridge.

March 6, 1746

1746 March 6 (Thursday).  I preach’d at Deacon Jonathan Forbush’s on Judg. 11.35.  My Daughter Molly went with me. Deacon Forbush acknowledg’d the Goodness of God to him in the Benefit he receiv’d by the Exercises Last Lords Day, and the special Communion (he judges) he had with God that Day in his Ordinances.  Blessed be God for such a Favour! O that when I have preach’d and Minister’d to others, I may not my Self be a Cast away! We were accompany’d back by Mr. Williams as far his House.

March 10, 1746

1746 March 10 (Monday).  Robert Bradish here — proud and obstinate, and would have me produce my Witnesses — Pertly Controverts and debates the Point.  Maintains that Good Works do go into the Conditions of Justification. A Storm of Snow, and Cold Rain. At Eve divers persons here who acquaint’d me with the remarkable peace and Dispatch with which the affairs of Meeting to Day were carry’d on.  I am not without hope that my sermon yesterday p.m. might be of Some service (by the Blessing of God) to them.

March 11, 1746

1746 March 11 (Tuesday).  A Meeting of the Commission officers at Captain Maynards for dignifying the Regiment.  Mr. Cushing came with Colonel Ward, and Mr. Smith[1] with Colonel Wiliams;[2] The Colonels gave me also their Invitation to dine with them which I was oblig’d to Comply with, though it was a very uncomfortable Interruption to me, and much prevented my Preparations for the Evening Fast.

[1]The Reverend Aaron Smith of Marlborough.

[2]Abraham Williams of Marlborough.

March 13, 1746

1746 March 13 (Thursday).  Public Fast[1] on Occasion of the horrid Rebellion in Scotland and of the Seasons of the Year before us.  I preach’d on Jer. 6, latter part of 1 and 8.  My wife ill again though she tarried at Meeting, yet was ill there; and increas’d at Evening.

[1]March 13, I745, was proclaimed a day of fasting and prayer throughout the province.

March 17, 1746

1746 March 17 (Monday).  The Town was in Some perplexity by Means that the Summons to the Officers who were lately chosen for the Year, to be Sworn before Justice Baker, was not Dated, and the Days being run out which are sett by the Law, and they not Sworn, they chose them over again and So it happen’d that the Same Persons were Chose.  I visited My Kinswoman Winchester, (dining at Mr. Grouts). Was at Mr. Benjamin Fays and Phinehas Hardy’s. At Evening Edwards Whipple here learning to sing.

March 21, 1746

1746 March 21 (Friday).  Mr. Joseph Batchellor[1] brought a piece of Strip’d Camblot[2] Stuff which he had wove for my Daughter Molly.  Having taken notice that Robert Bradish insists upon my Making out the Grounds of Letter of Admonition to him, I sent for Mr. Beriah Rice to come to me, who came accordingly at Evening.  And this Very Evening I receiv’d a Tart Note from Robert who thinks of Putting me to greater Trouble if I don’t produce my Informers.  Such his Insolence towards me, in addition to his Reproaches.

[1]The weaver of Grafton.

[2]Camlet or camblet, a fine, closely woven fabric of camel’s hair or perhaps mixed wool and silk.  This was once commonly used for cloaks.

March 24, 1746

1746 March 24 (Monday).  When Thomas Winchester was lately with me we agreed upon Thursday next to break up the Ground, round about the Settle, and have bespoke plough and Cattle, 4 Yoke accordingly but forgetting this appointment yesterday, I appointed the Same Day to be Lecture to Young Men.  So perplexing is it to have the Affairs of the Ministry and of a Farm to manage together. I was oblig’d to be up early this morning and go to Mr. Winchesters to Speak with Thomas who was going over to Upton for Several Days and thought my Appointment might be altered. And I had propos’d to visit his Mother this Morning, She still lying Sick.  Thence I went to Mr. Harrington about Rails: and I receiv’d their Testimony about what Robert Bradish said at their House February 11. Visited Mr. Miller who is sick. Dr. Gott return’d part of the way with me.

March 26, 1746

1746 March 26 (Wednesday).  Robert Bradish by appointment here and his uncle Beriah and his wife, and Mr. Samuel Harrington and his Wife here and gave their Testimony against him.  The Evidences were plain and direct; yet he did not yield.  A number of people in the kitchen.  After they went off I went to Captain Maynards.  Reverend Bacon[1] of Ashuelot came from Wrentham, here and lodg’d.

[1]Jacob Bacon of Keene, N.H.

March 28, 1746

1746 March 28 (Friday).  We broke up the Ground about the settle.  Thomas Winchester and Nathan Maynard help’d us.  We had 5 Yoke of oxen besides my own. A precinct Meeting to See whether the Precinct would pay the Charges layd on them by the last Quarter Sessions, arising from the Petition of the North side to be freed from paying that part of my sallery from June 5, 1744 to October 20, of the Same Year.  The Precinct chose a Committee to seek Council.