April 4, 1746

1746 April 4 (Friday).  My Honour’d Mother Decays and I fear whether She will Continue any Long Time.  Her Discourse last Evening whilst Brother Alexander was there, very Noticeable.  Behold I die (Sayd  She) — but God Shall visit you (directing herself to us her Children and having respect to our Children also in Case, that is, that we and ours Should keep the way of the Lord, as She had taught and Commanded us) and Shall be with you, etc. etc. with many Such like words, as the old Patriarch when solemnly taking leave of his Posterity.  The Lord Let these weighty Sayings home upon my, and upon all our Hearts, that they may be ever duly observ’d and kept by us and ours!  I took leave with Great Affection, and with Hearty Gratitude to God and Her.  And O that God most Gracious and all-sufficient would be with her to Support and Comfort her, and safely conduct her to his heavenly and Eternal Kingdom!


I broke fast at my Kinsman Hearseys.[1]  Din’d at Brother Alexander’s.  Improv’d Mrs. Stoddard to buy me a Calamanco Jacket and Breeches.  N.B. Mr. Abbot of Andover at Mrs. Stoddards.  N.B. Kinsman John Parkman presented me a Wigg of Considerable Price.  Sett out upon my Journey from Cousen Procters — it began to Rain, after a drie Time.  Storm increas’d So that I turn’d in at Captain Winchesters — and again at Mr. Richard Gardners[2] during the Time of Terrible Thunder and Lightening. Lodg’d at Mother Champneys.

[1]Tabitha Parkman, the Reverend Mr. Parkman’s niece, married Israel Hearsey, Nov. 13, 1740.

[2]Of Cambridge.